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Dental bleaching and tooth brushing

Beautiful, even and white teeth, this is first of all, the integral element for a beautiful smile. It is a symbol of health and prosperity. This is what invokes admiration and sympathy. First, pleasant impression from a smile is created by teeth color. However, unfortunately to have snow-white teeth by nature is not given to everybody. Moreover, even those fortunate souls who have white teeth by nature can lose this advantage in course of time. How to reach the desirable whiteness, if the nature did not rewarded you with a golden smile? The clinic “Oxford-Medical” knows the answer!

Why do teeth lose the whiteness in the course of time?

During the lifetime, our teeth are subject to constant influence of various colorants, which are contained in the beverages and food products. Very often, the reason of teeth coloration is the intake of some medicinal preparations in the natural infancy that leads to formation of persistent change of teeth color. Such factors as the natural aging of teeth, drinking coffee, tea and other products, containing colorants, as well as smoking leave their marks and make the teeth color far from an ideal. Consequently, discolourit appears – the change of the teeth color. The colorants can settle on the surface (external coloration) or penetrate into hard tooth tissues (internal coloration). However, modern esthetic dentistry, which is constantly improving technologies and methods of teeth treatment, found an overwhelmingly convenient and harmless way out from this situation – tooth whitening, that is bleaching of teeth color on several tones.

Technologies of teeth whitening occupy a leading position among the conservative methods of esthetic treatment. Today there are two main types of whitening the teeth – in the cabinet and at home. Domiciliary teeth whitening usually takes very much time and not always with the expected result. Everybody knows that, that many special whitening types of toothpaste and other means, as the advertising promises to us, cannot remove the tophus from teeth. Besides, some preparations can cause such unpleasant consequences, as increasing of dental sensitivity to temperature falls, or to the sweet for example. In the clinic “Oxford-Medical”, tooth whitening is performed only for 30 minutes, and on a case-by-case basis, the necessary effect of whitening teeth is achieved for the minimum period, without rendering negative impact of the health of the teeth and mouth cavity.

Teeth whitening with the help of SEMA apparatus

Modern methods on teeth whitening, used by dentists of the clinic “Oxford-Medical” are painless and harmless procedures, which allow whitening the teeth and giving high-efficiency result quickly and in a quality manner. Tooth whitening in our clinics takes a minimum period, thanks to high concentration of whitening agents, containing in the gels used by our specialists for whitening the teeth. The clinic “Oxford-Medical” offers you the service on teeth whitening with the help of SEMA apparatus, which is the latest development in the field of esthetic dentistry and with the incredible speed it gains popularity among patients, willing to have not simply white teeth, but a beautiful, healthy and snow-white smile.

The apparatus of the last generation– SEMA lamp is applied in order to whiten the teeth by the safe and high efficiency system. Tooth whitening by this method changes the color on several color shades, at patient’s will, towards bleaching, ideally and without risk for health of teeth.Whitening by SEMA apparatus is conducted in the dental chair during one attendance. The procedure is very simple. First, the adamantine substance of tooth is covered with protective varnish, after that, it is washed away, gums and lips are isolated by special protectors, and the surface of teeth is covered with gel, which is activated by the light of the lamp of the SEMA whitening system. After finishing the procedure, the teeth are processed with strengthening preparations. The only one contraindication to the application of this method – is to pregnant and nursing mothers.

The advantage of teeth whitening with apparatus SEMA

  • Even the most darkened fields are bleached;
  • There are no obstacles for teeth whitening system;
  • Does not cause the sensitivity of teeth;
  • The whole procedure takes about 1,5 hour;
  • Teeth whitening is absolutely safe;
  • Smoothness of enamel is increased and the risk to turn to the former color significantly decreased.

In order to keep the teeth white, it is better to avoid the coloring beverages and food, smoking, and do not forget to brush the teeth 2 times a day. Under the supervision of the experienced specialists of the clinic “Oxford-Medical”, tooth whitening with the help of SEMA apparatus does not have negative consequences. Instead, the patient receives an attractive, beautiful and snow-white smile, which will be sparkling at correct dental health care for many years.

Removal of dental deposits (dental tophi)

Unfortunately, no matter how carefully we brush our teeth in the morning and in the evening, no matter which professional toothbrushes and good toothpastes we use, dental deposits remain on our teeth. According to statistics, 70% of adult population has the dental tophus. This is not surprising, because it is rather easy to provoke its appearance. White, scarcely noticeable dental plaque, which is formed along the edge of the gum, is very dangerous: if it is not removed for some time, then the so-called carcass from hydrocarbons appears during the time, firmly attached to the tooth surface. In this case, saliva, which usually renders a positive effect on a tooth, without reaching the tooth, affects the plaque. Because of mineral deposits of saliva, the dental deposits appear, against which our toothbrush is forceless. The dental deposits or, the so-called, dental tophi can be supragingival (on the tooth surface) and subdingival (invisible for an eye, lying deeply in the gum). Anyway, the dental tophus irritates the surface of gums and causes their diseases, leads to parodontosis – very serious problem in dentistry. Therefore, the specialists advise to brush the teeth from tophi by professional cleaning.

As far back as in recent times, the manual instrument has been used in order to remove the dental tophus. Today there are several ways of removing dental deposits. In the clinic “Oxford-Medical” the procedure of “removal of dental deposits” suggests the expected result, it is performed very quickly, qualitatively and without pain. The removal of dental tophi in our clinic – is the individual approach to each patient. The special equipment and the newest preparations, used by our dentists, allow us to guarantee to their clients the unsurpassed result and preserving the full-fledged health of your teeth!

The procedure of “removal of dental deposits” in the clinic “Oxford-Medical” can be made by several methods: with the help of ultrasound and laser. Laser-based cleaning has been used already for about 15 years and plenty of investigations proved the absolute safety of removal of teeth deposits by a laser for the whole tooth structure. This method allows easily removing not only large dental tophi, but also subdingival dental deposits. Removal of subdingival tophi in periodontics makes so unpleasant procedure easily tolerable. As a result, all the paraplasms (soft plaque, tophi and granulation tissues) are removed and bacterial cells are destroyed, and the cells of hard tooth tissues remain undamaged in the overwhelming majority. The absence of the trauma defines the calm period of healing without sickliness and edemas. You will not have to change your plans and take anesthetic preparations. In 2-4 weeks, you will be pleasantly surprised by the state of teeth and gums.

Concerning the contraindications to the application of this or that method of removing the tophi, you can learn from the specialists of our clinic.

After the procedure, your teeth will have a healthy look. In addition, from the “plaque” of a smoker there will be no trace left. Smile to the life with the dental clinic “Oxford-Medical”!

-Отзыв пациента отделения стоматологии

2.11.2016 Был на консультации у стоматолога-хирурга Кеян Давида Николаевича, по причине удаления зубов мудрости. После осмотра, было неожиданностью что Давид Николаевич предложит удалить один зуб, так как записывался как на консультацию. Сделали рентген и дальше все прошло быстро и безболезненно))) Большое спасибо))) Доволен)))

-Суханов Кирилл

Благодарим всей семьей врача - Марченко Юлию Николаевну. Это профессионал, который дарит радость и лучезарную улыбку своим клиентам. К персоналу клиники же, можно пожелать соответствия и стремления совершенствоваться. Что не понравилось? Во время работы врачей, к ним в кабинет могут заходить и отвлекать от лечения другие работники клиники, чтобы решить рабочие вопросы.

-Панченко Юрий
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