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Berlinetz Irina Valerievna

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Pavlovskaya street, 26/41

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  • 2000 – completed DubnoMedicalTrainingCollege, speciality – medical assistant.
  • 2005 – StomatologyAcademy of Ukraine. Qualification – Doctor of Stomatology.
  • 2007 – completed internship on general dentistry based on Stomatology Academy of Ukraine. Specialty – Doctor of Stomatology.
  • 2005 – participation in international lecture hall “Modern technology of treatment and preventative measures in practical stomatology” based on Scientific and Practical Center “Stomatology” (30 study hours). Participation in lecture “The way of real reflection of reality. Stratification methods Lorenzo Vanini”. Club «ENAMEL PLUS». Participation in lecture from course “Usage of material Filtek Supreme XT in clinical ctomatology”.
  • 2006 – participation in VII All Ukrainian Seminar “The way into the world of mastership”. Study on course of thematic improvement “Usage of light curing technologies in teeth restoration”.
  • 2008 – participation in lecture “Recure of root-canals. General consequences of imperfect treating of root-canals”. Master class, participation in the work of the work of scientific practical seminar “Whitening of teeth. Modern tendentions and approaches”.
  • 2009 – participant of the enlarged meeting of Poltava regional group of Ukrainian Association of Doctors of Periodentistry.
  • 2010 – participant in conference on restoration methods “Perfectibility in restoration methods. Restoration of teeth after endodontal treatment” of Dr. Andre Reis. Brazil.
  • 2011 – participant in the conference “Paradontium. Deceases and treatment”. Participant in the seminar “Usage of whitening toothpastes. Influence of abrasiveness to paradontium and tooth enamel”.
  • From 2012 – till present time is a dentist of the surgery department of «Oxford Medical» clinic.
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