Treatment of ischemic heart disease

The ischemic disease of the heart is one of the most widespread diseases in the world, caused by the disturbance of blood supply to the heart muscle as the result of cholesterol deposits on the walls of vessels. In developed countries, the ischemic heart disease becomes a cause of half of deaths from cardio-vascular diseases. In Ukraine, not less than 15% of the population suffer from angina attacks (chronic form of the disease), while around 15,000 Ukrainians annually die from infarction (acute form of the disease).


Among 40% of patients, who previously considered themselves as healthy, the disease suddenly manifests itself, because the primary symptoms are not clearly pronounced and often ignored. In fact, the appearance of below-listed symptoms is the serious reason for visiting the cardiologist.


The most widespread are the following symptoms of the ischemic disease of the heart:

  • retrosternal pain or discomfort in the heart area during physical activities or stresses (angina)
  • heart rate disturbance, arrhythmia
  • shortness of breath
  • swollen legs (which is the sign of heart failure).

The aged people, men and people, suffering from obesity, diabetes mellitus and high pressure are mostly susceptible to the ischemic disease of the heart. The probability of the disease also increases in case of malnutrition, alcohol and nicotine abuse, sedentary lifestyle and overloads, exceeding the capabilities of the organism.


The cardiologists of Oxford Medical clinic conclude: the duration and quality of life of the patient with the ischemic disease of the heart depends on a timely visit to the doctor and precision of diagnosing the form and stage of the disease.


The modern level of development of medicine allows stopping development of the disease in order to let the patient live the long years of the full life. However, it is possible only if you apply to the doctor on time and he precisely diagnoses the disease.


The comprehensive diagnosis, allowing determining the form of the disease and its causes, is required for effective treatment. The thorough examination of the patient (analyses, electrocardiogram and color ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography) is performed for it.


Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic applies the comprehensive treatment, which includes the elimination of factors, causing the disease, and medication therapy. Only the qualified cardiologist can prescribe a correct treatment, taking into account the form and stage of the disease. 


  • qualified cardiologists
  • comprehensive diagnostics in one clinic and without queues (analyses, electrocardiogram, color ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography), if necessary, consultation with the specialist)
  • loyal prices.

Take care of your heart – make appointment in the Cardiology Department of Oxford Medical Kyiv by calling (044) 204-40-40 or filling out the form on our website. 


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