Rehabilitation after myocardial infarction

A myocardial infarction is one of the most dangerous diseases for human life. After surviving the infarction, some people are ready to give up on their further life. The others, on the contrary, try to live like there was not any infarction, ignoring the doctor’s instructions and not refusing from bad habits.


Both the first and second category of people make a mistake. With competent medical care after infarction, you can spend a long, happy and fruitful life. However, the ignorance of doctor’s instructions leads to complications, even the recurrent myocardial infarction among 20-40% of patients within the year. The recurrent infarction often causes the lethal outcome.


Many complications in the heart performance may occur as the result of the infarction:

  • progressing disturbance of the cardiac rhythm;
  • heart failure.
  • cardiac aneurism – an extremely dangerous complication, which requires the urgent surgical intervention.


The Cardiology Department of Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic conducts rehabilitation of the patients, who survived the myocardial infarction and want to get back to a full life.


The rehabilitation includes:

  • prescription of medication therapy
  • correction of the lifestyle and dietary regime
  • regular control of the condition of the patient.

The medication therapy, change of lifestyle and dietary regime are performed simultaneously for normalizing the heart performance, preventing possible complications and returning the patient an ability to conduct an active life.


The medication therapy is administered for decreasing the level of cholesterol in the blood, normalizing the sugar level, stabilizing the arterial pressure and preventing the thrombi formation.


The change of lifestyle consists in the abstinence from alcohol and nicotine, which are the serious risk factors with the myocardial infarction. The patient is prescribed to observe the steady day regime with minimal physical loads and full rest. As soon as the condition improves, the physical loads gradually increase.


The doctor makes serious changes in the diet, prohibiting the animal fats, fried food, products with high salt and sugar content. The diet as well as medication treatment is selected individually, taking into account the patient’s condition and concomitant diseases.


The treatment is administered under the thorough dynamic care of the cardiologist. It is necessary so that the doctor could assess the patient’s condition and effectiveness of prescribed treatment. For this purpose, you need to regularly undergo examination and thorough diagnostics by the cardiologist: laboratory analyses, electrocardiogram, ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography).  Based on the obtained results, the doctor corrects the tactics of treatment, if it is necessary.


  • qualified cardiologists
  • all diagnostics in one clinic and without queues (analyses, electrocardiogram, ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography), if necessary, consultation with the related specialist)
  • loyal prices.

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