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ELOS Technology Acne Treatment

Acne (acne eruption) usually manifests itself through “black spots” (blackheads) on the facial skin of the man as well as on decollate and back. There are some degrees of the severity of this disorder: from one small pimple on the skin to a significant number of inflamed purulent pimples. About 85% teenagers as well as more than 25% of men and 50% of women encounter with acne.


The acne is most often caused by:

  • unbalanced and improper diet;
  • poor hygiene;
  • hormonal changes during the puberty period of teenagers;
  • stress situations;
  • unfavorable ecologic situation;
  • bad habits.

Encountering with skin problems, many people usually start treating visible signs, using the medications for external application. However, it is important to know that the acne needs effective and professional medical treatment; that is why when finding the signs of acne eruption, you should visit the specialist.


When treating the acne, the Dermatology Department of Oxford Medical Clinic uses the unique modern technology ELOS, which consists in exposure of the problem areas of the patient’s skin to the broad spectrum of light and radiofrequency waves. This procedure produces the cleansing, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect. Depending on the type of skin of the man and its individual characteristics, during the free consultation, the doctors of the Dermatology Department of the clinic select the optimal course of treatment, consisting of 3-10 procedures, performed with a 5-7 day interval.


The procedure of treatment of the acne eruption by ELOS technology consists of three main stages:

  • deep cleansing of facial skin (+ makeup removal);
  • careful application of conducting cooling gel;
  • thorough treatment of problem areas with white light of the wide spectrum and radiofrequency waves.


The treatment of acne by ELOS technology is recommended for those, who have oily and dry skin.

What is achieved thanks to the procedure:

  • the upper layers of epidermis are efficiently cleansed;
  • the bacteria, living in sebaceous glands, are eliminated;
  • the level of secretions of sebaceous glands is normalized.


In the Dermatology Department of Oxford Medical clinic, the highly qualified dermatologists will consult each patient on the effective treatment of acne and competently prescribe the optimal course of treatment.

We ensure for each patient:

  • the atmosphere of calm and comfort;
  • affordable prices;
  • use of advanced medical technologies, regular implementation of innovative programs;

work of professionals with huge experience, who are constantly upgrading their skills and improving their level.


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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