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Ultrasonic Fat-Melting – Ultra Shape

You think that the effective body countering is possible only with the help of surgical operation? We will dissuade you. The innovative advances of machine cosmetology, which are currently applied in Oxford Medical clinic, make it possible to remove local fat deposits without surgical intervention! For removing fat deposits, the doctors of the clinic use the Ultra Shape – the unique remedy in modern non-surgical cosmetology. Thanks to the Ultra Shape, the procedure of ultrasonic fat-melting is performed without surgical intervention and without any damage of cutaneous integuments, organs and system of the organism. This method is perfectly suitable for people of both genders with excess weight.


In contrast to the laser fat-melting, which requires penetration of the light guide into the subcutaneous tissue, the ultrasonic treatment is performed without skin punctures and damages. It is a fully noninvasive intervention, allowing achieving the effect by using a safer method.


The principle of impact of Ultra Shape consists in destruction of fatty cells with the help of ultrasound impulses, as the result of which the fat emulsion is independently egested by the liver from the organism for several days. During the ultrasonic fat-melting procedure, there is no negative impact on the cutaneous integuments, muscles, nerve endings and blood vessels.


The UltraShape applies the scientifically proven ultrasonic technology for removing undesirable fat deposits. The focused ultrasound impacts exclusively the local fat deposits on the concrete body area. During the procedure, the cellular membrane of fat cells is destructed by the ultrasound. Then the destructed cells move to the intercellular fluid, after which they get into the liver.  The liver processes fat and makes the organism naturally excrete it.  The fat removal by the ultrasound is performed without anesthesia, as this procedure is absolutely painless – during the manipulation, the patient feels only pleasant warmth and slight prickling.


For achieving the maximum effect, it is recommended performing three procedures of the ultrasonic non-surgical fat-meltingn with an interval of several weeks. The results from the ultrasonic fat-melting can be observed after the first procedure, and two- or three-week course allows removing all redundant body volumes.


This method of treatment has many advantages:

  • the procedure does not require time for rehabilitation, recovery and supporting therapy sessions;
  • painlessness;
  • the result becomes noticeable at once;
  • guarantee of long-term effect of ultrasound fat-melting: destructed cells are not subject to restoration;
  • absence of any side cosmetic effects;
  • guarantee of effectiveness and safeness.

The procedure lasts for about one hour, depending on the amount of treated area. The procedures are performed once per 14 days, and their precise number depends on the amount of local fat deposits, which needs to be corrected.


During the ultrasonic fat-melting, the fatty cells are eliminated, but not just deformed – this is the main advantage and distinction of UltraShape from the ultrasonic cavitation.

The ultrasonic fat-melting procedure with UltraShape demonstrates the maximum effect with the simultaneous application of VelaShape III and injections of lipolytics.


UltraShape is indicated for removal of local fat deposits, reduction of the body volume and correction of the figure. Using it, the specialists of the clinic perform the ultrasound fat-melting procedure of:

  • stomach;
  • thighs;
  • buttocks;
  • sides;
  • waist;
  • hands;
  • knees;
  • ankles.

UltraShape successfully helps in the fight against fat deposits not only to women, but also to men.


  • We guarantee the efficiency of performed procedures in Oxford Medical clinic.
  • The highly qualified personnel qualitatively performs its work and ensures the excellent service.
  • The prices for procedures in the clinic are available to a larger circle of patients.

We guarantee a full anonymity of your visit to the clinic. 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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