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Pediatric dermatologist

Pediatric dermatologist

The child’s skin is tender and vulnerable, and its reaction to irritants is quicker and more acute than in adults. That is why the skin irritation or redness in the child are the problems, familiar to all parents. The ordinary skin rash can be the sign of latent diseases of internal organs, and that is why it is required to have a consultation with the pediatric dermatologist – specialist in pediatric skin care in children. 


Not every pimple is the reason to run like hell to the doctor, but if the skin problems bother your child frequently and with certain periodicity – it is better to show him to the specialist. You can visit the pediatric dermatologist, if your child’s skin has:

  • redness;
  • rash;
  • areas, on which the skin is exfoliated;
  • pustules;
  • ulcers;
  • small fissures on the skin;
  • vesicles, filled with water;
  • crusts;
  • stains;
  • the form and color of nails change;

You should give special attention to these symptoms, if they manifest themselves after certain products, contact with animals, walk or during the flowering of plants, because it can be the sign of allergy.


You can visit the pediatric dermatologist by making appointment independently or upon the recommendation of the pediatrician. During the session, the doctor examines the child’s skin, hair and nails for the symptoms of skin diseases.


The doctor also takes history, interviews parents about the health condition of their child, and studies his medical record and the results of previously undergone medical examinations.  As per the results of examination, if necessary, the pediatric dermatologist orders medical tests (blood test, scraping for fungus, tests for viral diseases). After that, the specialist gives recommendations on the treatment, which should be effective, but in the meantime, safe for the child.

The pediatric dermatologists of Oxford Medical successfully treat:

  • allergic, chemical irritant contact dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • mycosis (fungus of the skin, nails or hair);
  • acne diseases (acne);
  • pyoderma;
  • hives;
  • demodecosis;
  • warts;
  • shingles;
  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • papillomas etc.

These causes of these diseases are various: fungus, allergy, viruses, autoimmune processes, hereditary background and parasites.

Out of many probable causes of the disease, only the pediatric dermatologist can specify and eliminate the actual cause. The attempts of treatment of the child with expedient means, without knowledge of the causes of the problem, only exacerbate the disease and make it chronic.


Take care of your child’s health – make appointment with the pediatric dermatologist by calling (044) 204-40-40!


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