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Pediatric surgeon

Pediatric surgeon

No matter how much the parents take care of their child, nobody is insured against wounds, burns, bruises and fractures. In addition, the child’s growth should be regularly controlled by the surgeon, in order to avoid possible developmental abnormalities of the child’s organism. For that, the surgeon necessarily performs preventive examination at the age of one and six months, one year as well as when entering a school or kindergarten.


In most cases, the pediatrician sends to the consultation with the pediatric surgeon; however, the parents can directly apply to the doctor, if the child has the following symptoms:

  • asymmetry of the stomach, its distension;
  • pain in the stomach, lasting for more than 6-8 hours;
  • outward bulging of the belly button or groin;
  • child’s complaints about the pain during defecation, blood-streaked feces.
  • traumas and burns;
  • pustules;
  • pustular skin rashes;
  • ingrown nail;
  • bad body mass gain in nursing babies;
  • inflammation of the umbilical wound in babies etc.


The consultation by the pediatric surgeon starts from the careful examination of the child and detailed conversation of the doctor with the parents about symptoms and previous diseases. For specifying the diagnosis, the doctor can order analyses and additional examinations: ultrasound of internal organs, analyses, endoscopy, X-ray, computed tomography scan.


If it is necessary, the child can have the additional consultation with other pediatric doctors, urologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, gynecologists etc.


Based on the collected information, the pediatric surgeon will select the most effective and safe treatment method for the baby. Besides the consultation with the specialist, the Pediatric Surgery Department will provide:

  • initial surgical debridement;
  • treatment of burns;
  • putting and taking out stitches;
  • removal of foreign bodies;
  • removal of lipomas, ateromas;
  • treatment of phimosis;
  • diagnosis of cryptorchism, hydrocele, varicocele;
  • diagnosis of inguinal and umbilical hernia;
  • observation of hemangiomas;
  • treatment of the syndrome of chronic constipations;
  • treatment of abscess of the ingrown nail etc.

The surgical treatment in Oxford Medical clinic is administered with maximum comfort for both a child and his parents so that the visit to the clinic leaves only positive emotions in children and adults.


Make appointment with the pediatric surgeon by calling (044) 204-40-40 or filling out the form on our website. 


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