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Treatment of acute pancreatitis

A pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas – the organ, performing two important functions in the organism: production of food enzymes and insulin. The pancreatitis may be acute, chronic, acute relapsing and exacerbated chronic.


The acute pancreatitis is the sudden appearance of aseptic inflammation in the pancreas. This process starts and develops very quickly, when its own enzymes affect the organ. Such nature of disease course can be dangerous for life. The main distinction of the acute form from chronic lies in the following: in the first case, the renewal of normal functioning of the pancreas is possible, in the second – the organ inexorably loses its working capacity.


The clinical aspect of these two types of the disease also differs. In case of the acute pancreatitis, there appears a sharp pain in the upper part of the stomach, sometimes irradiating in the back. The permanent vomiting, which does not bring relief, starts. The disruption of bile outflow, caused by enlargement of the head of pancreas, is also possible. On the same time, the urine gets a darker tinge, the feces – light. The chronic type is characterized by the dull and girdling pain, the body weight loss, pain occurring after eating, alternation of constipations with diarrheas, nausea. 


The treatment of acute and chronic pancreatitis consists of two general stages: removal of painful feelings, prescription of medication therapy and diet, the goal of which is to normalize the functioning of the pancreas. For diagnosing the acute type, it may be required to undergo the following procedures:

  • ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity organs;
  • gastroscopy.

The laboratory diagnostics of blood and feces is no less important for examining for the chronic pancreatitis.


The diagnosis “acute pancreatitis” is established based on the information from history taking, blood analyses, ultrasound diagnosis. In Oxford Medical clinic, you can also obtain recommendations on the prevention of the acute pancreatitis.


After undergoing the examination, the patient receives the recommendations on the mandatory diet, nutrition regime and prescription of medication treatment.

The advantages of undergoing treatment in Oxford Medical clinic:

  • use of advanced technologies in diagnosing, giving the most precise results;
  • individual selection of the treatment course, taking into account the specific features of your organism.

You can make appointment for consultation with the gastroenterologist in the Gastroenterology Department of Oxford Medical clinic by calling(044) 204-40-40 or filling in the application form on our website.


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