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Treatment of infectious diseases

The infectious diseases of genitourinary system are mainly transmitted during the sexual intercourse. The causative agents are the disease-inducing microorganisms. The spreading of infections increases each year that is related with the early onset of sexual life or sexual promiscuity.


It is quite easy to catch infectious diseases – for this, you just need to have one unprotected sex. The diagnosis and treatment of these diseases are complicated because during early stages, they manifest similar symptoms. 


The regular testing for infections will allow even people from risk groups to feel confident. The itching, discharges (including blood-streaked), sensation of pain during urination, discomfort below the waist are the main symptoms of infection. However, in some cases, the disease progresses absolutely symptom-free (in latent form). Most known infectious diseases respond to successful treatment. It is important to undergo diagnosis and not to delay your visit to a doctor. If you neglect ailment, it will cause complications (hormonal disruptions and functional disruptions of different organs and systems).


The prevention of infections is the most effective method to avoid onset of the disease. The responsible attitude to your and your partner’s health as well as protected sex considerably reduces the risk of infection. For preventing complications, it is important to detect diseases at their earliest stage.


It is recommended to undergo medical tests for infectious diseases regularly. It is important to undergo diagnosis not only during the period of onset of symptoms, but also when the person has no signs of the disease. Oxford Medical clinic uses diagnostic methods, which allow determining the presence of viruses even in case of their minimum content in biomaterials.


Before undergoing the blood test, you should not live sexual life and keep from taking antibiotics. The problem of infectious diseases is much more serious than just the pain and discomfort, caused by the infection. In Oxford Medical clinic, you can undergo a high-precision diagnosis of infectious diseases and then start effective treatment with our highly specialized specialists.


The main rule of treatment is to start combatting the disease on time. It is important to cure the infection before the onset of pregnancy; otherwise it can disrupt child bearing and lead to the premature birth. When treating infectious diseases, the doctors eliminate factors, contributing to its development and recurrence. If there are indications, the eubiotic drugs, biogenic stimulators, vitamins and other remedies are used for normalization of microbiocenosis of the vagina and intestine.


The cost of treatment depends on the degree of severity of the disease, possible complications and individual specific features of the patient’s organism.  You can always familiarize yourself with the detailed price list in ‘Prices’ Section or by calling us. Remember: the self-treatment of infections is unacceptable! Only the qualitative, professional treatment of infectious diseases, performed by the specialist and based on thorough diagnosing and establishing a precise diagnosis, will allow mitigating all possible negative consequences.


Advantages of the clinic:

  • The specialists of Oxford Medical Clinic use the cutting-edge equipment and thus effectively eliminate most problems, related to the health of urogenital organs.
  • The most modern equipment, which is regularly checked, is installed in the clinic.
  • We use those treatment methods, which comply with standards. They are widely applied in the most developed countries of the world: Japan, USA and European countries. The efficiency and safeness of these methods are scientifically proven.
  • The specialists of the clinic do not make diagnosis mistakes, do not intimidate patients with fictional dangers and regard clients’ problems with understanding.
  • You can address to Oxford Medical clinic anonymously.

Make appointment for consultation by calling: (044) 204 40 40.


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