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Polyp removal

A polyp is the abnormal tissue growth, projecting from a mucous membrane, which, when growing, disrupts normal functioning of the uterus. The polyp is a benign (but not safe) formation, which may develop into a malignant tumor over time. The gynecologist administers treatment of cervical and uterine polyps.


The occurrence of cervical and uterine polyps is caused by some reasons, which include:

  • change of hormonal background;
  • chronic inflammatory processes;
  • human papillomavirus.

The high-risk group includes the women, suffering from obesity, diabetes mellitus and hypertonia.

The cervical and uterine polyps manifest the symptoms, which not every woman takes seriously:

  • intermenstrual bleeding;
  • discharge of small amount of blood after sexual intercourse;
  • lengthy menstrual periods (more than 7 days);
  • uterine bleeding;
  • nagging pain below the waist;
  • anemia (accompanied with weakness, dizziness and loss of appetite).

However, in most cases, the polyps do not virtually manifest themselves, but are detected only during the gynecological examination. For this reason, it is important for every woman to regularly visit her gynecologist in order to timely detect the problem and urgently start eliminating it.


The polyps are most often diagnosed during preventive examination by the gynecologist: during the colposcopy and gynecological ultrasound examination. If the polyp is not single, but there are several of them, then the diagnosis is the “polyposis”.


The uterine and cervical polyps are treated with one method – dilation and curettage. For this, the minimally invasive operation (polypectomy) is performed, during which the polyp is removed and sent for histological analysis, which confirms that the polyp did not become malignant.

The intervention is performed under local anesthesia or general narcosis – everything depends on its size, localization and patient’s requests. The treatment does not require hospitalization – after the procedure, you may go home at once. 


You can make appointment for consultation in the Gynecology Department of Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic by calling (044) 204 40 40 or filling in the form on our website. 


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