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    A massage is the famous and effective curative method, applied from ancient times. It helps to produce a soft stimulating effect on the patient’s organism, thanks to which the functioning of internal organs and systems normalize, the blood circulation and lymph efflux improve, and the nervous system stabilizes.


    Oxford Medical clinic provides the wide range of services on the professional therapeutic massage, given by the qualified and experienced masseurs. The patients are given the following types of massage:

    • full-body classic;
    • therapeutic;
    • massage of the back;
    • neck and collar area;
    • thoracic section;
    • lower back;
    • head;
    • arms and legs;
    • feet;
    • stomach;
    • acupressure massage;
    • reflexology massage;
    • drainage massage;
    • anti-cellulite massage.


    The therapeutic massage are indicated for many diseases, being the important element of the treatment course.


    The full-body massage improves the functioning of the nervous system, allowing preventing from insomnia, consequences of stresses, apathy, decreased tone. The back massage is the effective remedy for relieving pains in the spine and muscles, lumbagos, pain between scapulae, osteochondrosis, lordosis, kyphosis and scoliosis. The massage of the neck and collar area helps getting rid of the pain in the neck and restraint of its movement as the result of strains.


    The massage of hands is required in case of their numbing, feeling “shivers up and down”, weakness, heaviness in the hands. The massage of legs reduces the acuteness of inflammatory processes, removes edema, sensation of pain, heaviness and weakness in the legs. The massage of the stomach is the effective method in cases of gastrointestinal disorders, allowing improving the blood circulation of the organs of the gastrointestinal system and activate the functioning of the heart. 


    The acupressure massage is applied for treating traumas, vascular occlusion, and in cases, when the effective and safe impact on concrete organs is needed. The lymphatic drainage massage improves the lymph drainage in the organism that relieves symptoms of chronic venous diseases and rheumatic arthritis.  The lymphatic drainage massage is one of the method of prevention of thromboses.


    The massage of the head is an excellent relaxation method, allowing increasing the attention concentration, performance  as well as getting rid of headaches. In addition, the head massage improves the blood circulation of head vessels and stimulates the hair growth.


    The anti-cellulite massage is effective in fighting against ‘orange peel’, allowing fixing and enhancing the effect from the machine cosmetology procedures on figure correction, body modelling and improving the skin condition.


    The massage in the clinic is given to both adults and children. Depending on the type, the massage procedure takes from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. The physiotherapeutic procedures, ozone therapy, consultation with subject specialists are recommended for obtaining the maximal effect from the massage procedure.


    You can make appointment for massage in Oxford Medical clinic in Kyiv by calling (044) 204 40 40 or contacting the operator of the chat on the website. 

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