Chronic hemorrhoid treatment

A chronic hemorrhoid is the widespread form of the disease, which is surreptitiously and gradually developed within long years. In case of such course of hemorrhoid, exacerbation phases are replaced with remission phases, when the symptoms virtually do not worry the patient.


The factors, causing the development of chronic diseases, are the same as for acute diseases:

  • sedentary lifestyle and absence of physical exercises contribute to insufficient blood circulation;
  • unhealthy diet – abuse of spicy, fatty, fried food and alcohol disrupts the functioning of gastrointestinal tract and results in development of the hemorrhoid;
  • child bearing and birth – the changes, happening with the organism of a woman during this period, is one of the causes for the onset of this disease;
  • physical exertion can also cause the exacerbation of this disease.


The disease in its chronic condition is divided into 4 stages, progressing through which the symptoms are developing. 

At the first stage of chronic hemorrhoid, the disease does not virtually cause any inconveniences – bleeding and discomfort are short-term and so rare that most people do not pay attention to them. At the second stage, the pain and bleeding become more frequent; the prolapse of hemorrhoids, which then are pushed back on their own, also occurs.

At the third stage, the large hemorrhoids, which cannot be pushed back on their own, are formed, but the patient can do it by himself. The prolapse of hemorrhoids becomes more frequent and occurs with the slightest effort in some time, but the bleeding and pain during the exacerbation period become more pronounced.

At the fourth stage, the hemorrhoids cannot already be pushed back and the bleeding from them becomes stronger. The hemorrhoids become inflamed, the blood clots form in them. During the exacerbation period, the pain virtually fully disturbs a day-to-day life of the person. 

The burning and itching around the anal orifice, caused by mucoid discharges from the rectum, appear at the last stages.


The proctologist, who performs examination for giving a precise diagnosis, administers treatment of this disease. If necessary, the deeper examination – a video rectoromanoscopy, which allows examining the whole rectum – is performed.

During this examination, the doctor not only gives a diagnosis, but also excludes presence of anal fissures, rectal neoplasms etc.

The chronic hemorrhoid treatment is easier, quicker and cheaper at the first and second stages, but the patients rarely apply to proctologists with them. In Oxford Medical clinic, the following methods of treatment of chronic hemorrhoid are used:

  • rubber band ligation;
  • radio-wave ablation;
  • HAL-RAR;
  • laser hemorrhoid therapy.

For each patient, the treatment method is selected individually in order to ensure safe recovery without complications and recurrences.

You can make appointment with the proctologists of Oxford Medical clinic by calling us (044) 204 40 40 or using the form on our website. 


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Kindratishin Bogdan TeodorovichPhysician surgeon Video CV

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

information about doctor

1993-1999 - graduated from Kiev Medical University, Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine.

1999 - internship in surgery at the Kiev National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after Shupyk.

1999-2000 - a surgeon in the Kyiv Municipal Clinical Emmergency Hospital.

2000-2002 – a junior research fellow at the X-ray Surgery Department at the Oncology Institute of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

2002 - an advanced course on endovascular surgery, "New technologies in endovascular surgery” at the Kiev National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after Shupyk.

2005. - received the 2nd category.

2006 – got the speciality of a physician-proctologist.

2006-2009 – a surgeon at Interventional Radiology Department, National Cancer Institute.

Since 2009 - Chief of Interventional Radiology Department, National Cancer Institute.

Since 2009 - Doctor- procologist at “The Oxford Medical” clinic.

2010 - got the 1st category.

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Kravchenko Olga Valerievna Doctor proctologist
Kravchenko Olga ValerievnaDoctor proctologist Video CV

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

information about doctor

2001 - graduated from National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets;

2001 till 2003 - internship on the basis of the Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after Shupyk, specialty – “General Surgery”;

2003 till 2005 - clinical residency training on the basis of the Kiev Medical Academy named after Shupyk;

2005 - a surgeon at the hospital of the State Border Service of Ukraine, General Surgery Department;

2010 – doctor-proctologist at “The Oxford Medical” clinic.

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information about doctor

2003 – 2009 Study in NationalMedicineUniversity named after Bogomoletz, department of general medicine.

2009 – 2012 Internship on specialty “surgery” on the base of academic department of surgery N 4 of National Medicine University named after Bogomoletz.

2011. - "Live" laparoscopic surgery", on the base of "Scientific and Practical Center for Preventive and Clinical Medicine"

2012 – Refresher course on specialty “Psychology” .

2012 - Course on hemorrhoids treatment by method HAL-RAR.

2016 - workshop "Lasers in colorectal surgery" (Cologne, Germany)

2017 - participant of the 5th congress of vascular surgeons, phlebologists and angiologists of Ukraine

9.11.2017. - participant of the scientific-practical conference with international participation "Actual issues of modern surgery"

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Bondarenko Iuliia IgorevnaProctologist

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

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15-07-2019 Спасибо Кравченко Ольге Валерьевне за профессиональную консультацию и помощь. Мою проблему с геморроем решили. Жутко боялся, но все прошло без проблем

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09-07-2019 Хочу поблагодарить врача проктолога Бондаренко Юлию Игоревна за четкое отношение , профессионализм , любовь к своей работе и клиентам . Я очень довольна приемом и оказанной мне помощью с моей проблемой . Юлия Игоревна желаю вам здоровья , благополучия и успехов в вашем благородном труде ! Спасибо огромное за квалифицированную помощь!

department: Proctology

13-06-2019 Кузьменко Денис Сергеевич - врач, который помог мне излечить хроническую трещину заднего прохода без операции.К Денису Сергеевичу пришел с проблемой, которая уже существовала целый год.Все другие врачи, к которым обращался до этого, настаивали на необходимости операции и говорили, что такая трещина сама уже не заживет.Благодаря лечению, назначенному Денисом Сергеевичем, трещина постепенно затянулась и уже не беспокоит.На лечение ушло около полугода, но это лучше любой операции, которая всегда сопряжена с риском и возможными осложнениями.Доктор ориентирован на результат, а не шаблонное решение вопроса.Очень благодарен доктору за профессионализм, терпение и настойчивость в выборе консервативного лечения, которое в итоге привело к успеху.Побольше бы таких врачей!Всем рекомендую!

department: Proctology

29-05-2019 Дякую, Денису Сергійовичу за прийом, врач дуже хороший і привітний, в своїй справі на висоті,розказав,пояснив

department: Proctology

22-05-2019 Юлия Игоревна - прекрасный специалист! Очень внимательная и деликатная, врач с которым можно говорить легко о сложной проблеме. Сделала мне операцию очень хорошо, ни осложнений, ни длительных болевых ощущений не возникло. С пониманием подошла также к оформлению больничного листа.

department: Proctology


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