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Maxillofacial surgery

The maxillofacial surgeons deal with removal of congenital defects, aesthetic defects and consequences of facial and head traumas. The modern maxillofacial surgery allows operatively removing a problem without patient’s hospitalization.


To get an appointment with a specialist is possible both by referral from other doctor (for example, dentist, otolaryngologist, oculist or dermatologist) or by making an appointment individually. In this case, you may consult a maxillofacial surgeon, if you are experiencing:

  • pain in facial and jugular area;
  • pain, coming when clenching jaw;
  • presence of congenital and acquired facial defects and deformities;
  • impaired nasal airflow;
  • stuffiness in half of the nose;
  • constrained movement of jaw;
  • presence of neoplasia in oral cavity, face and neck;
  • swelling and deformation of jaw;
  • disturbance of occlusion, which occurred after trauma;
  • non-healing wounds in the face and oral cavity;
  • permanently dry mouth.


The maxillofacial surgeons of Oxford Medical clinic treat fractures of jaw, nose, zygomaticomaxillary complex, help to treat traumatic injuries of jaw and teeth. They provide treatment of inflammation of salivary glands and remove benign neoplasms of the maxillofacial localization and concretions (stones) from salivary glands. If there are indications, the removal of salivary glands is also possible.

Together with related specialists, they treat such pathologies as:

  • disturbance of occlusion;
  • jaw defects and deformities;
  • maxillary sinusitis.

The maxillofacial surgeons of the clinic also perform plastic surgery.

  • blepharoplasty (plastic surgery of eyelids);
  • otoplasty (correction of ear shape);
  • removal of buccal fat pads (for correction of facial contours);
  • excision of unaesthetic scar.

During the initial attendance, the maxillofacial surgeon examines and analyzes the patient’s complaints. Then, if necessary, the follow-up examinations are performed. It may be a computed or magnetic resonance tomography, ultrasonography, Doppler sonography etc. As per the results of examinations, the preliminary diagnosis will be established for a patient with the possibility of further treatment.


You can make an appointment with a maxillofacial surgeon of Oxford Medical clinic by calling us at (044) 204 40 40 or filling out the form on our website. 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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