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Endodontics – root canal treatment

Nowadays, the dentists often encounter serious inflammatory processes and complications, which were caused by the uncured tooth decay. The very first symptom of inflammation of root canals is a permanent or periodical dull ache with a sharp pain occurring after the teeth contact very hot or cold food, drinks or air. If you delay the treatment for an indefinite period, the infection will spread quickly, the pain will become stronger and more frequent, the swellings, redness of soft tissues and edemas will occur.


The endodontics – root canal treatment– is a complex and scrupulous work, requiring huge experience and maximum precision of performance from the dentist.


  1. Pulpitis is the disease, during which the tooth decay affects the pulp – the connective tissue inside the tooth, where the vessels and nerves are located.
  2. Periodontitis is the spreading of inflammation over the pulp and tooth root apex.
  3. Granuloma is the tissue pocket, filled with pus, which appears in the tooth root apex.
  4. Dental cyst – the granuloma walls become thicker and tighter, the canal between the site of infection and surface appears (sometimes it bursts out with pus).
  5. Periostitis is the infection of gum and neighboring tissues.

Irrespective of the stage of severity of the disease, its treatment gets complicated and requires more time and money spending.


The endodontic treatment consists of three main stages:

  1. Obtaining access to the root canal;
  2. Cleansing the root canal and preparing it for filling;
  3. Filling the root canal with the material, guaranteeing the maximal sealing.

The treatment of a dental root canal requires several visits to the specialist. It is performed under local anesthesia.  The sore tooth is isolated by a special rubber dam; then the doctor cleanses root canals, using a special equipment, tools and medications as well as the operative microscope. If necessary, the old root fillings, pins etc. are extracted from canals. Between the visits to a dentist, the tooth is recovering under a temporary crown or filling, which firmly closes an access of harmful microorganisms to root canals. You can assess the result of treatment in 12-18 months after dental X-ray imaging.


The specialists with a continuous experience perform all necessary procedures in the Dentistry Department of Oxford Medical clinic. The manipulations are performed carefully and absolutely painlessly, under local anesthesia. The high quality materials and equipment, which allow determining the penetration depth of a root canal with maximum precision, are applied during the treatment process. 

Do not make the situation worse and do not delay your treatment. After you notice the initial symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor! In Oxford Medical, the initial consultation is free of charge. Come to us and we will keep your charming smile! 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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