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Aesthetic dentistry

The modern aesthetic dentistry is a whole complex of different methods, used for improvement of the external view of teeth. The friendly smile, demonstrating flawless white teeth, is an essential element of the positive self-esteem of a person and his attractiveness for other people. Such smile is capable of making any face beautiful – that is why nowadays the field of aesthetic dentistry is so popular.   


The list of dental problems, solved with the help of aesthetic dentistry, is very wide nowadays. The most effective and safest methods of making teeth naturally beautiful are practiced in the aesthetic dentistry departments of large medical centers such Oxford Medical clinic, one of the leading multi-field clinics in Ukraine.


The different types of professional teeth whitening are the most sought-after among the patients. They include the following methods:

  1. Whitening in case of dental discoloration – the change of color of dental enamel under the influence of smoking, coffee abuse, “coloring” food product. The professional whitening in case of dental discoloration consists in placement of customized dental splint with gel reagent, containing the hydrogen peroxide (4.5-15%, depending on the intensity of stains). The use of the carbamate peroxide, disengaging oxygen when contacting the dental enamel, is a more gentle method.  The effect from the procedure retains for 6 months, the recommended course includes 6-14 procedures.
  2. The laser whitening. The efficiency of this method is also achieved if using hydrogen peroxide; however, the peroxide is additionally activated by the ray of diode and carbon dioxide laser. The excellent result, which will be preserved for more than 5 years (subject to moderate consumption of coffee and cigarettes), is achieved just for one session. This method is also valuable for the bactericidal properties of the laser, ensuring prevention of the tooth decay.
  3. The ultrasonic whitening is recommended to the patients with a sensitive dental enamel. This method consists in the targeted exposure of the pigmented areas of enamel to ultrasound and is performed in several stages. The ultrasonic whitening is usually combined with Air Flow technology – the professional teeth cleaning with air and water flow, enriched with finely dispersed powder – calcium carbonate or sodium carbonate (baking soda).
  4. The photo-bleaching is one more effective method, which allows achieving the desired result for one procedure, lasting for 1.5 – 2 hours. During the photo-bleaching, the hydrogen peroxide or other active substance, exposed to the halogen “cold light”, are used. Under its exposure, the substance is activated, disengaging atomic oxygen, which splits the dark pigment on the dental enamel.

The selection of an optimal whitening method is a very important stage of preparation for making your teeth more presentable. Only the highly qualified dentist can recommend a perfectly suitable whitening method – only in this case, the whitening will bring a desired effect, and its result will retain for long.


Apart from the above-listed methods of dental enamel whitening, the doctors of the Dentistry Department of Oxford Medical clinic also practice other methods for making the dental row beautiful that allow not only getting rid of enamel darkening, but also masking chips or visually rectify the uneven dental row. Such methods include:

1. Composite veneers. This method consists in the application of special polymeric material of the needed color on the tooth (the closest natural shade is selected as per the shade scale). Under exposure to UV radiation, the material hardens, firmly amalgamating with a tooth. The duration of the procedure is 30-60 minutes for each tooth, the shell life is 3-10 years, after which the correction is possible. With the help of bonding, we can solve several problems:

  • improve the appearance of teeth;
  • restore teeth, affected by tooth decay;
  • mask the cracks and chips of enamel;
  • close very wide interdental spaces and create protective covering of the root when recessing the gum (recession).

2. Porcelain veneers placement. The dental veneers represent the ultrathin plates (up to 0.5 mm thick), made of porcelain. These plates are glued to the tooth surface with a special two-component cement that allows getting rid of the following defects:

  • chips, erosion, enamel abrasion;
  • deformation of teeth and disproportion of the dental row;
  • undesirable changes of enamel color, which cannot be whitened;
  • slight curvatures of one or several teeth.

Except for veneers, there also exist thinner dental on-lays, called the lumineers. You should know that the placement of veneers and lumineers have some contraindications – inflammation of periodontal tissues, bruxism, occlusion disturbance, considerable destruction of front teeth.


The top category specialists in aesthetic medicine, working in Oxford Medical clinic, have been making our patients’ smiles beautiful successfully for long time. All our specialists have a multi-year work experience and regularly participate in scientific conferences not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also abroad.


In our clinic, all dental issues are solved, using the advanced equipment – laser, ultrasonic, tomographic – for diagnosing and treatment of any diseases and rectification of any defects of the dental row.

The ideal smile and good mood of each of our patients inspire our staff for new reaches. 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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