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Sinus Lift

The bone deficiency is encountered in 60-70% cases. The individual specifics of anatomic structure of the jaw or the bone atrophy, which occurred as the result of tooth extraction, may be a reason for that. The Dentistry Department of Oxford Medical clinic offers its patients an innovative procedure on the bone augmentation up to the thickness, required for implantation – sinus lift.


The operation is performed as follows: the sinus floor area is displaced higher the initial level, and the space, which appeared after displacement, is filled with bone material. The sinus lift may be closed or open. The first is applied in those cases, when there is a site for primary stabilization of the implant. The open sinus lift (with an incision in the wall of maxillary sinus) is used in case of insufficient amount of bone tissue. The sinus lift technology made the implantation possible even for the patients with serious bone deficiency.


Before the beginning of the procedure, the implant surgeon performs detailed examination for:

  • finding inflammatory processes, chronic diseases and anatomical limitations;
  • determining the height of bone tissue.

After that, the preparation for the operation starts:

  1. Computed tomography. A 3D model of the jaw is created in special software, based on CT data. The doctor thoroughly examines the sinus from inside, performs virtual sinus lift, and determines the required volume of bone material.
  2. Laboratory stage. The surgical template with implant guides and a plastic stereolithographic model of the jaw are created in the laboratory, according to the detailed computer plan.

The performance of preparatory works in such order allows reducing the duration of this procedure and minimizing the risk of complications. The period of the full recovery of the gum after sinus lift procedure is 8-10 days. After this period, the doctor takes out sutures.  The implantation is performed whether during the operation, or in 6 months after the gum recovery (depending on the thickness of the bone).


The sinus lift operations have been performed successfully for a long time in our clinic. It is very important to estimate the bone height from the lower edge of the jaw to the sinus floor, because it determines the success of implantation. The sinus lift procedure in our dentistry is performed with maximal precision and by only those specialists, who have experience in performing such type of procedures.


You can put all the questions about sinus lift during the free consultationin Oxford Medical. Make an appointment for it by calling at (044) 204 40 40. 


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