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Tooth decay treatment

Since people got used to associate dentistry with a frightening sound of dental drilling machine and extremely unpleasant feelings, many of them seek dental care only when they feel unbearable pain. You should always remember that the less neglected the disease is, the cheaper, easier and quicker it can be cured. It is the tooth decay, which most often makes people attend a dentist.  Let us tell in details about this widespread and far-from-secure disease.


The tooth decay is the most serious disease, which may be caused by seemingly harmless tooth darkening. Without treatment, the tooth decay will be progressing and developing into dangerous inflammatory processes, leading to the loss of a tooth.



It is the initial stage of the disease, which is characterized by the superficial enamel lesions (roughness).

Symptoms: occasional pains from very high and low temperatures as well as sour and sweet products.


The treatment consists in removal of enamel lesions and application of fluoride-containing drug. As the result, the tooth enamel is fully recovered, and the carious lesion disappears. To avoid occurrence of this disease and its aggravation, you should attend a dentist for prevention purposes each half of the year.


First, such tooth decay has the form of a dark area on the tooth, seen through the enamel, and then – a dark cavity in the tooth itself. At this stage of the carious process, besides the enamel, the dentin is also damaged. The disease is progressing quickly, creating a large carious cavity.

Symptoms: the carious tooth occasionally very painfully reacts to sweet (more seldom - sour) products and temperature changes. A total absence of any reactions is possible when it is the chronic form of the disease.


The treatment is given under local anesthesia. After removing the damaged tissues, the doctor treats the cavity with antiseptic drug, places a base liner and inserts a permanent filling.


It is the most serious stage of the disease, during which the deep layers of the dentin are affected. The dentin gets softened and, as a rule, changes its color. A large-sized carious cavity is found under the superficial layer of dental enamel.

Causes of occurrence of the deep tooth decay:

  • uncured superficial or medium tooth decay;
  • incorrectly done dental fillings;
  • tooth defects, chipped teeth;

Symptoms: sensation of pain during the probing of a carious cavity, continuous and acute pain once impacted by food residues.

Treatment. Once anesthetized, the carious cavity is fully cleaned from softened dentin and filled. After successful and timely treatment of a deep tooth decay, the tooth remains healthy even if the dentin is seriously damaged.


However, if the treatment is late, the tooth decay may affect the pulp; and then, it will be required to remove soft tissues of the pulp, the dental nerve, and even the whole tooth in the most advanced stages.


The modern technologies, applied in the Dentistry Department of Oxford Medical clinic in Kyiv, make each teeth treatment stage quick and painless. The teeth treatment in our clinic is provided with application of innovation methods and cutting-edge equipment. Make an appointment for a free consultation in Oxford Medical clinic by calling us at (044) 204 40 40. Save your healthy and shining smile!


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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