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Fractional Rejuvenation for only 4500 UAH!

Fractional Rejuvenation for only 4500 UAH! 01.12.2021

Smooth and beautiful skin without wrinkles, clean and fresh complexion, the sensation of youth and beauty is the result of fractional rejuvenation with the technology Matrix RF.

Fractional rejuvenation is effective in the following cases:

  • when enlarged pores are observed;

  • for the prevention of skin aging;

  • when removing facial wrinkles;

  • for eliminating skin pigmentation;

  • for improving of face color;

  • for removing scars, stretch marks and other skin defects.

Rejuvenation with the help of the revolutionary Matrix RF technology activates the production of collagen and elastin, facilitates the formation of young, elastic and healthy skin.


4500 UAH

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