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Emergency Ward

    Emergency Ward

    Private Emergency Ward is a 24-hour medical treatment facility not involving obligatory hospitalization. The department provides the acute care in those cases, when there is no need for inpatient treatment.

    Services of the Emergency Department

    Emergency WardThe Emergency Department (ED) of the Oxford Medical Clinic provides a high quality medical care, which allows you to return home into your usual and comfortable conditions to complete the treatment. Such an approach makes it possible to get necessary assistance 24 hours a day, without spending money on hospitalization, which is offered only to those patients who really need it.

    The medical removal of acute patients’ conditions in the ED is carried out within 3 hours.

     The Emergency Department is equipped with everything necessary for diagnosing and treatment of the patients:

    • ultrasound machine Acuson Juniper by Siemens;

    • computed tomography scan Siemens MULTIX;

    • examination rooms;

    • intensive-care ward.

    A 24-hour monitoring of the patients’ health condition and the effectiveness of treatment is provided by a professional medical staff. The ED is planned to hold simultaneously 12 patients.

     Our clinic has also an Inpatient Department, which is able to take care of 24 patients simultaneously, whose condition requires a non-stop control and treatment.

    Emergency Ward

    Critical Conditions Handled

    It is necessary to apply to the ED in the following cases:

    • acute exacerbation of a chronic disease;

    • body temperature rise, headache and other symptoms of fever;

    • weakness, faintness;

    • hypertensic crisis;

    • pain syndrome;

    • heart pain, heart rhythm disorder;

    • abarticulations, bone fractures, burns and other traumas of varying severity (the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics is to your service);

    • foodborne intoxication;

    • alcoholic intoxication;

    • removal of foreign bodies.

    You may apply to the Emergency Department by yourself or by calling the medical emergency of our clinic.

    In order to find out more, call us or use the live chat on our web-site.


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    Bychok Anatoly Ivanovich Head of Admissions Office
    Bychok Anatoly IvanovichHead of Admissions Office

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    services Branches Emergency WardPrice
    Inpatient stay in hospital with medical treatment: doctor’s consultation, ECG, blood pressure measuring, medical supplies (up to 3 hours) 900.00 uah
    Plasma glucose level 110.00 uah
    Complete blood test (+ blood-sedimentation test and differential leukocyte count) 170.00 uah
    General urine test (biochemical and microscopic screen) 135.00 uah

    These prices may differ from those in the clinic. You can find current prices in the clinic or by calling (044) 204 40 40


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