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Traumatology and orthopedics

For 9 years, the orthopedists and trauma surgeons of our clinic have been treating the diseases of the musculoskeletal system, consequences of different traumas and provide emergency aid.


The orthopedists of our clinic successfully treat the poor posture, pain in the neck and back, arthritis, arthrosis and many other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, the Orthopedics Department provides the emergency traumatologic assistance, if you suffered from:

  • contusions, bruises, abrasions;
  • fractures and dislocation of arms and legs
  • sprain of ligaments
  • tendon and muscle injuries
  • compression traumas (crush syndrome)
  • domestic and occupational injuries
  • incised wounds
  • animal bites

In the above-listed cases, the orthopedists and trauma surgeons of our clinic will perform the initial debridement of the wound and, if necessary, apply the elastic bandage or put on a plaster cast, fix a dislocation and prescribe necessary medicinal preparations. In order all manipulations are performed comfortably for the patient, the doctors can administer a local anesthesia.


Our doctors use the computed tomography (CT) scanner, ultrasound of the joints and laboratory tests for diagnosing the orthopedic diseases.

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Abdyshaev Eldar ShevketovichТraumatologist

Bereznyakovskaya street, 30B;

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Trigubenko Sergey LvovichTraumatologist

Bereznyakovskaya street, 30B;

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Nerovnya Alexander NikolaevichTraumatologist

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

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Владимир 29-11-2019 Выражаю искреннюю благодарность за оказание профессиональной помощи по удалению липомы на сложном участке.Дякую.
Роман 14-01-2019 После неудачного лечения и неправильных диагнозов, троих травматологов в разных клиниках, в четвертый раз уже в отчаянии, попал по рекомендации к Зафту Виталию Борисовичу. Врач показался очень компетентным в своем деле. Правильный диагноз и рекомендации по лечению, сделали свое дело. Рекомендую!
Светлана 16-04-2014 Хочу поблагодарить травматолога Абдышаева Эльдара Шевкетовича за правильно поставленный диагноз и за лечение. Я хожу!!!!!
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