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Placement of direct veneers

Direct veneers – an alternative variant to dentures, teeth whitening and braces, moreover it is cheaper, faster and completely painless!

Even if you had white and even teeth since your childhood, significant defects may appear over time. This happens due to obvious reasons – poor diet, bad habits, pregnancy, mechanical damages and many others. You heard about this many times.

Direct veneers in "Oxford Medical"

But do you know
how to get a perfect smile
just in one visit to a dentist?

Veneers are thin glass-ceramic plates 0.3-0.5 mm thick attached to the front part of teeth with a special cement. That’s a sort of prostheses correcting the shape, position and color of the teeth, eliminating aesthetic defects and protecting teeth from damaging.

Placement of diract veneers in "Oxford Medical"

You definitely need veneers if you have:

  • chipped teeth with sharp edges
  • diastema (gap between the central teeth)
  • disproportionate teeth
  • cracked or broken teeth (athletic injuries)
  • yellowness and stains
  • darkening of the teeth due to injuries, diseases and age-related changes of the body
  • old unaesthetic fillings
  • developmental defects of enamel
  • wedge-shaped defect
  • short clinical crowns
  • malocclusion
  • periodontal pathology
  • progressive dental abrasion
  • uneven tooth alignment.

The technique of veneers placement has existed for several decades. Classic composite and ceramic veneers have different strength, wearability and color retention. However, in each case the procedure takes either much time (veneers are made based on dental impression in the dental laboratory) or much money (up to 10 000 UAH per 1 veneer) or requires damage of natural teeth (teeth facing and enamel removing). Direct veneers solve all these problems.

Direct veneers placement is a unique offer. Only “Oxford Medical” clinic offers this technique in Ukraine!

The procedure of direct veneers placement does not require:

  • Teeth impression. It saves you time and allows to do manipulation in one visit.
  • Dental facing and enamel removing for preparing a “bed” for veneer. Your natural teeth remain undamaged.
  • Anesthesia or any other type of pain relief. The procedure is unpainful, so you don’t have a need to load your body with drug clearance through kidneys and liver.
  • The use of dental adhesives. Thus, no foreign substances influence the tooth enamel.

Placement of diract veneers in "Oxford Medical"I have been practicing the technique of direct veneers placement for about 10 years.  I studied this unique methodology during my training in Germany. People not satisfied ­­­­with the condition of their teeth (color, shape, size, uneven tooth alignment) come to me every day. I recommend direct veneers for teeth restoration for several reasons: 



  • Direct veneers – guaranteed elimination of all aesthetic defects (chips, yellowness, spots, darkening of enamel).
  • Direct veneers do not require perforation of natural teeth, so the enamel of your teeth remains undamaged.
  • Direct veneers do not change their color and do not wear off.
  • I place veneers in 1 visit making them right in your oral cavity.

Vadim Zaitsev, dentist

Expert in direct veneers placement

“Oxford medical” clinic

If you care about the beauty of your teeth but are reluctant to visit the dental office often, think about direct veneers!

We offer a unique technology of direct veneers placement without teeth facing and anesthesia. Direct veneers are not the ceramic veneers or lumineers. They do not require much time and money.

Instead of spending large sums of money for dental whitening annually, sign up for a free consultation in “Oxford Medical” by calling (044) 204 40 40 and make sure of the advantages of direct veneers!

Direct veneers placement is a quick and absolutely painless process.

Placement of dental veneers in Oxford Medical

Direct veneers are much thinner than conventional ones, so they are placed on the enamel and do not require teeth facing.

Dr. Zaitsev is placing veneers on the “smile line” – 8 front teeth of the upper row.

The procedure takes only 2.5 hours.


The procedure of veneers placement has several stages:

  • Placement of dental veneers in Oxford MedicalThe enamel surface is degreased for optimal cohesion of material;
  • The front part of teeth is covered with glass-ceramic substance;
  • The doctor gives veneers necessary shape, size and color within a few minutes;
  • Veneers are exposed to dental polymerization lamp and become as strong as your natural teeth;
  • The doctor polishes veneers surface giving them a natural shine and whiteness.

We use glass-ceramic substance of a unique composition from the leading German manufacturer of dental materials.

No analgesic injections! No unpleasant buzzing sounds! Placement of direct veneers is not medical but aesthetic manipulation!

The process of direct veneers placement is rather complicated and requires high skills.

For you as a client is it more relaxation and anticipation rather than complex dental procedure.

Placement of 4 veneers takes in average 1.5 hours, so you will have a perfect “smile line” just in 1 visit!

Just in a few hours, you will not recognize your teeth – they have never been so white before!

And the most important – you can always remove the veneers, correct their shape and color!

It is completely painless and very quickly!

Veneers do not wear off, do not fade, do not change their color and are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Poor-quality fillings may look unaesthetically or may darken over time. Veneers eliminate this problem easily.

Veneers perfectly conceal the teeth discolored due to fluorosis, tetracycline intake or endodontic treatment.

The load on the front teeth is not as great as on the side teeth, so there are no contraindications for veneers placement.

How the idea of direct veneers appeared

The first veneers were developed by “Den-Mat” corporation founded in 1974. The president Dr. Robert Ibsen aimed at improving the dental adhesives and porcelain laminates. Direct veneers became the first porcelain laminates, solid and thin as contact lenses. They did not require teeth facing, drilling and removing the sensitive dental tissue that was typical for traditional veneers.

The technology of direct veneers has completely changed the working methods of dentists, allowing to save, restore and improve the patient's teeth without damaging the enamel.

Why do our doctors advise direct veneers?

Veneers do not wear off.

Regular visits to the dentist will stay in the past.

Color retention, resistance to staining.

You may drink tea, coffee, red wine, juices and soft drinks; eat beets, berries and candies.

Long-lasting shine of the teeth surface.

Your teeth will not get dark and worn off; veneers will give you a “Hollywood smile”.

Possibility to modify color.

If you want to lighten the veneers, our specialist will carry out this manipulation in 1 visit.


Veneers are made of extremely durable glass-ceramic substance, therefore they are resistant to mechanical impact. You may chew, gnaw and bite even solid food (e.g., nuts-and-honey bars, apples, seeds, nuts) not being afraid of chipping.

Variety of shapes of the front teeth.

You can personally control the process of direct veneers placement, choose color, size and shape of the veneers, and get a perfect result.

The cost of direct veneers is much lower than the cost of their ceramic counterparts!!!

P.S. Instant veneers – perfect teeth in just a few hours. You will forget about chips, darkening of the enamel, uneven tooth alignment and dental plaque. And all this is absolutely painless, no anesthesia, no perforation and teeth facing!

Sign up for a free consultation in "Oxford Medical" by calling (044) 204-40-40!


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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