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Microscopic dentistry

The careful, effective and comfortable dental treatment is a mandatory standard of the dentistry, which uses dental microscope.


Many factors, one of which is the preciseness and thoroughness of performed manipulations, influence the success of dental treatment. The mistakes often emerge due to the insufficient visibility, and sometimes a doctor has to treat almost blindly. The inflamed or even destructed tooth may cost such mistakes. 


The advantages of the microscopic dentistry:

  • safety – the healthy tissues of a tooth are not affected during microscopic treatment;
  • quality – the doctor sees and treats the root canal in its full length;
  • accuracy – the diameter of a root canal is less than 1 mm; however, the microscope increases its image 40 times, allowing noticing minor faults;
  • reliability – the micro-cracks, defects of old fillings, caries in the early stages of its development become visible (invisible while the regular examination).

Using a microscope, Oxford Medical’s Dentistry Department helps patients even after failed treatment in other clinics: to cleanse uncleaned canals, fully remove inappropriate filling material, retrieve trapped details of instruments.

In addition, the microscopic examination allows noticing cracks and defects, with which any further dental treatment will be a waste of time and money.


The treatment of each patient in the Dentistry Department starts with a free consultation, during which all necessary specialists of the department perform examination, and only then the doctors proceed with treatment.


PicoDent, a modern microscope from the global leading manufacturer of dental microscopes Carl Zeiss, provides the clinic’s dentists with all necessary information for qualitative treatment.

If necessary, the microscope is used by endodontists (when treating canals), dental therapists (when treating caries, pulpitis and periodontitis), orthopedic dentists (when placing veneers and crowns), allowing performing each stage of treatment with high quality.


Call us at(044) 204 40 40 and make appointment for free consultation with the dentists of Oxford Medical clinic. 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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