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Treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

You are suffering from the excessive sweating in your armpits, and your deodorants cannot cope with this problem? You feel extremely unconfident due to regularly having humid palms and feet? The sweat has unpleasant odor? It means, you have hyperhidrosis. The hyperhidrosis is the dysfunction of sweat glands, during which the sweating intensity increases for no apparent reasons. The hyperhidrosis can be caused by any disease of the organism (vegetative-vascular dystonia, thyroid disorders etc.) or can be the individual peculiarity of human organism. It is important to understand that the issue of hyperhidrosis is much more serious than just discomfort and visible manifestations.


During this disease, the degree of organism susceptibility to cold-related illnesses and rashes significantly increases, and the intense moisture of feet and palms can cause appearance of the fungal infection. The treatment of hyperhidrosis should be systemic and comprehensive. Oxford Medical clinic offers the innovational and highly-efficient method of combatting the hyperhidrosis by using the injections of  neurotoxin A. This method will solve your problem quickly and effectively. The treatment of hyperhidrosis by this method consists in injecting medications, containing the neurotoxin type A, into the subdermal area. 


The principle of treatment consists in halting the receipt of signals from the Central Nervous System (CNS) by sweat glands. The injection of neurotoxin type A helps achieving it. The molecules of neurotoxin, binding to the receptors of nerve fibers, slow down the release of mediators and block the receptors of sweat glands, as the result of which the glands stop reacting to the stimulating signals, and the sweating stops.


  • The treatment of hyperhidrosis with application of neurotoxin A surpasses the effect from the electrophoresis procedure and even from surgical operations.
  • The substantial reduction of sweating in two days, while the maximum effect is achieved in 6-15 days after the procedure.
  • The effect from treatment lasts from 5-8 months to several years.


  • The clinic is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and medical equipment.
  • The specialists of the clinic have international certificates and diplomas.
  • We ensure European quality and safety standards.
  • We guarantee the high level of service and medical service.
  • We use breakthrough technologies, medical and cosmetological drugs.

Take your chance to undergo effective treatment and feel maximally comfortable forever and ever. 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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