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Mesotherapy - Meso Roller

The procedure of mesotherapy by meso roller (or mesoroller therapy) is one of the newest methods of cosmetology, applied for effective rejuvenation and restoration of the skin of face, neck, head and other areas.


The first signs of ageing often start manifesting themselves completely unexpectedly, while the citizens of big cities face them much earlier than it is envisaged by natural mechanisms. Such signs may include:  

  • deterioration of facial complexion, dullness and paleness of cutaneous integuments;
  • pathologic widening of pores;
  • appearance of small wrinkles around eyes, between brows etc;
  • deep nasolabial furrows; 
  • skin laxity of the face, neck as well as other problem areas – thighs, buttocks, inner surface of the upper part of hands etc;
  • problems of the hairy part of the head – hair dullness and paleness, their removal.

Of course, the modern aesthetic medicine has the whole arsenal of methods for combatting the skin ageing problems, including its early withering. They include:

  • laser and RF-lifting;
  • different chemical and oxygenic peelings;
  • biorevitalization;
  • “beauty injections” and many other procedures.  

However, these procedures often require a lengthy recovery period – from 5-7 days to two weeks.


The skin surface impact methods (home scrubs, creams, masks) do not produce the desired effect, as they “work” only on the skin surface – the molecules of these substances cannot penetrate into the depth of epidermis due to their size. How to overcome early skin ageing, not exposing it to unnecessary injuries?


Fortunately, the procedure of mesotherapy with meso roller became available thanks to current progresses in the cosmetological industry. In contrast to more traumatic methods, it does not require time for skin restoration and also allows fully satiating it with all necessary useful substances – moisturizing and vitamin ‘cocktails’, plasma etc.


In contrast to classic mesotherapy with syringe microinjections of medicinal substances, during the mesoroller therapy, the special device – compact cosmetologic roller (mesoroller or dermaroller) – is used.


The roller surface is strewn with multiple needles of small diameter and different length – from 0.15 to 2.5 m. Rolling over the surface of facial, head or body skin, the microneedles delicately puncture the skin – its horny or deeper layers. This action helps to create small canals, through which different medicinal substances, sera, vitamin “cocktails” penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.  


The mesotherapy with mesoroller allows quickly and successfully neutralizing such problems as:

  • reduced elasticity of cutaneous integuments of the face and body;
  • undesirable skin rashes (acne, rosacea), seborrhea;
  • chrono- and photo-ageing of the skin;
  • scars, shallow scars;
  • couperose;
  • cellulite, stretchmarks (striae);
  • pitted acne scars.

The active substances, transported into the skin by the mesoroller, deeply penetrate into the epidermis, while the procedure itself does not leave any scars, bruises and redness. The result of the recommended course of procedures will become:

  • full skin satiation with useful substances;
  • stimulation of tissue regeneration;
  • more intense skin production of elastin and collagen.

In the aggregate, all these favorable factors excellently contribute to the skin tightening, its visible rejuvenation, appearance of internal shining, even tone and other signs of the youngness, beauty and health of the skin. This effect appears instantaneously and keeps for quite long.


The highly qualified cosmetologists of the Aesthetic Medicine Department of Oxford Medical successfully perform the mesotherapy procedure by the mesoroller, using different active substances, depending on the individual peculiarities of the skin of patients. The doctor determines the most effective and safest substances during the initial consultation, and the procedure is performed under the conditions of complete sterility and maximal comfort. The procedure is recommended to those patients, who experience fear before any injection manipulation.


The procedure starts from washing and/or makeup removal. After it, if necessary, a light superficial chemical peeling may be applied. After neutralizing and washing off the makeup, the cosmetologist starts treating the skin by the mesoroller – criss-cross or along massage lines, thoroughly treating each millimeter of your skin.

Then, the medicinal ‘cocktail’ is applied on the treated skin – vitamin, moisturizing or any other, depending on existing problems. Except for “cocktails”, the active plasma, saturated with thrombocytes, can also be used.


Upon the completion of the procedure, a layer of special protective cream is applied on the skin; then the doctor consults the patient, providing professional recommendations on the skin care during the period between procedures. The most effective course consists of 4-6 procedures weekly.  


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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