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Jet Peel Oxygen Peeling

The oxygenic peeling is one of the most popular and progressive cosmetologic methods of our time. This procedure is a contactless, safe and absolutely painless cleansing of the facial skin. The application of exclusively natural components (water and oxygen) and careful cleansing allow applying the oxygenic peeling for all types of the skin. This type of the peeling produces a noticeable effect in several minutes after the procedure. This method is very effective in treatment of the acne and resurfacing for clearing acne scars. The Jet Peel oxygen peeling is a huge step in the modern technology of skin resurfacing, which anyone, who wishes to undergo it, can do it today in Oxford Medical clinic in Kyiv.  


The unique modern machine Jet Peel allows treating skin on the face and body, head and arms with a high-pressure stream of air and microdrops.

Jet Peel is the innovation technology, which allows performing:

  • effective face cleansing, contraction of pores;
  • contactless peeling of different depth;
  • insertion of different cocktails;
  • face massage;
  • instantaneous lifting.

The Jet Peel skin cleansing is the only existing type of peeling, which may be securely performed before going to the solarium or beach. Many cosmetologists even recommend this procedure for smoothing skin surface and achieving the perfectly even suntan.


The impact of two natural components – water and air – occurs during the procedure of gas-liquid peeling. The refrigerated stream of oxygen with a hypersonic speed produces a vigorous massage, activating blood circulation and improving the face complexion. The special function in the process of oxygenic peeling allows injecting different useful microelements and vitamins into pores, thanks to which the facial skin becomes even and smooth literally instantaneously. The Jet Peel machine also allows performing the facial cleansing of different depth. The resurfacing effect becomes visible after the first session: Jet Peel removes all minute wrinkles, noticeably smoothing out deep wrinkles as well as effectively combats pigment stains and many other skin defects.


  • the procedure can be applied to any type of the skin;
  • the peeling may be performed at any season of the year;
  • it is distinguishable for its painlessness;
  • the visible effect becomes noticeable immediately after the session;
  • it is performed by using ecologically clean components – water and oxygen;
  • the oxygenic peeling does not cause any allergic reactions and inflammatory processes.


  • individual approach;
  • qualitative diagnostics thanks to the modern equipment and methods;
  • effective programs for treatment of diseases;
  • staff of highly qualified subject specialists;
  • high class service;
  • guarantee of long-term results;

safeness and confidentiality. 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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