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Non-surgical face lift

Up to the present time, the facelift was performed through a quite difficult surgical operation, which bore all risks of surgical intervention: lengthy postoperative period (up to 4 weeks), necessity to apply general narcosis, probability of further complications. The active development of apparatus cosmetology allowed performing the facelift procedure without surgery. This technology got the name ‘ELOS lifting’.


The principle of ELOS lifting effect consists in the fact that the skin is simultaneously treated by the light energy and high frequency current. Under such double impact, the deep layers of the skin are burnt, the production of collagen is activated, which makes the skin elastic and tight, thus smoothing out wrinkles and restoring the facial contours. For the next few days, the active production of collagen increases, and the maximum visible effect from ELOS lifting is achieved in 4-5 weeks. The treatment course includes 4-8 procedures, which are performed in 3-4 weeks.


The whole process is comfortable, does not cause pain and includes:

  • makeup removal;
  • application of contact gel on the skin to keep out air between apparatus nozzle and skin;
  • procedure, consisting of the series of flashes, warming the skin; in the process, the doctor adjusts the light intensity and current frequency to maximally account the skin reaction;
  • application of skin soothing cream after the procedure.


ELOS-lifting is a beautiful cosmetological solution, because this method guarantees:  

  • comfortability – there is no rehabilitation period, you may return to your daily affairs at once;
  • painlessness – there is only the sensation of warmth and slight prickling, which the patient tolerates easily; consequently, there is no need in anesthesia;
  • absence of skin irritation – the skin does not redden and exfoliate, because during the procedure, the treated area is cooled to avoid overheating.
  • absence of side effects – the impact is aimed at the certain layer of the skin, not affecting internal organs.

After the ELOS lifting course in Oxford Medical clinic, your skin will become elastic and tight, and you will look younger by 10-15 years. 

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