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For many years, women fought hard with fat deposits in improper places in two ways: they intensively trained in the gym, loading their organism with all sorts of exercises or tortured themselves by strict diets. The natural process of weight loss in the organism includes the lipolyse – fat splitting as the result of production of the enzyme of steapsin in cells of the organism. However, in the cosmetology, the procedure of fat splitting with use of different equipment got the name “lipolyse”. This method is quite effective. The main advantage of the lipolyse consists in ruling out the surgical intervention (fat-melting).


Nowadays, the lipolyse is the most painless and safe method of reducing body volume for both men and women.

The lipolyse effectively solves the following problems:

  • double chin;
  • fat deposits in the most tender and sensitive body areas;
  • cellulite.

There are several types of the lipolyse: needle, injection, electrode. After application of one of the ways of fat splitting, the patient usually feels unpleasant burning in the skin area, which was exposed to the impact.


The lipolyse is the instrument for removal of local fat deposits. During the procedure, the cells get rid of the stagnant lymph fluid together with toxic elements, thanks to which the emotional state and physical well-being noticeably improve. The lipolyse positively impacts the whole human organism: the functional condition of the central nervous system and endocrine system improves, the hormonal background equalizes, the blood circulation gets activated.  Using this method, you can get rid of fat deposits in the area of stomach, thighs, buttocks, face, chin etc. The treatment course consists of 6-7 procedures for face and 9-10 for body. The substance of natural origin, injected in problem areas, contains the newest strong ingredients, metabolizing fat deposits and toning the skin. It literally ‘softens’ the fat cells, which then are egested from the organism through the liver. The results from the procedure can be observed after the first session.


  1. The lipolyse is performed without anesthesia.
  2. The procedure does not interrupt the normal lifestyle.
  3. After the manipulation, there are no cicatrices and scars left.
  4. The lipolyse improves the emotional and physical well-being of the patient and stabilizes the hormonal background.


  • High quality and safety standards.
  • European level of medical service.
  • Our clinic is fitted with the cutting-edge medical equipment.
  • The qualified doctors apply the advanced technologies and medications. 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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