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Couperose Laser Treatment

Most people suffer from different vascular problems: varicose veins, vascular spiders and spider veins – couperose.  The couperose is the visible red network of vessels on such parts of the face as nose, cheeks and chin. This disease may appear on any type of facial skin of both men and women. However, the people, who have light or thin skin, are more often susceptible to the couperose. The couperose appears as the result of blood circulatory disorders in cutaneous integument in the form of vascular spiders or spider veins. The couperose appears most often on the face and legs.


The genetic predisposition was the main cause for couperose.

The acquired couperose appears due to several causes, which include:

  • bad habits;
  • stresses and overfatigue;
  • hormonal disorders, different women’s illnesses, pregnancy, abortions, climax;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • intake of hormonal contraceptives;
  • attending bathhouses and saunas;
  • presence of sharp changes in temperature;
  • overexposure to solar radiation;
  • skin hypersensitivity;
  • excessive consumption of chocolate, coffee, strong black tea, pickles, smoked meat products; alcohol abuse;


The modern qualitative diagnostic as well as competently selected treatment of the couperose will allow not only significantly reducing vascular defects, but preventing further development of the disease. The treatment of couperose depends on its type, stage of development and volume of the vascular network. The treatment usually consists of several stages, during which the doctors apply complementary cosmetic products, strengthening the walls of capillaries, reducing the redness and enhancing the skin elasticity. In the Dermatology Department of Oxford Medical, the treatment of couperose is performed with the help of innovative technologiy Elos, which allows fully curing the disease.


The treatment of couperose with the help of ELOS technology in Oxford Medical guarantees you:

  • high efficiency, quick achievement and long-term preservation of the effect;
  • absolute safeness and painlessness of the procedure;
  • noticeable effect of the improvement of appearance and rejuvenation.


  • The qualified dermatocosmetologists will help each patient to solve the problem of couperose once and forever.
  • We set optimal prices that make it possible for a wider circle of clients to use our services.

The experience of our specialists and application of advanced proven technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases guarantee the establishment of a correct and precise diagnosis and effective removal of skin problems.  


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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