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The proctologic diseases, which people often call as “embarrassing” problems, are one of the most widespread medical problems of the humankind. Nevertheless, most patients are ashamed of the problems encountered, due to which they delay their visit to a proctologist until the disease starts progressing and causes unbearable pain. However, the proctologists remind all of their patients: the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the easier it can be treated without resorting to operation.


The Proctology Department successfully treats the most widespread diseases of the anus and the rectum regardless of the developmental stage of the disease. They include: 

  • hemorrhoid;
  • rectal fissures;
  • anal itching;
  • early diagnosis of the rectal cancer.

When administering treatment, the proctologists of Oxford Medical clinic use only modern minimally invasive methods for quick and painless recovery of the patient.


The main treatment methods, applied in the Proctology Department of Oxford Medical, are:

  1. Infrared coagulation is a short (up to 20 minutes) procedure, which allows effectively treating an internal hemorrhoid (I-II stage) and rectal fissures without hospitalization and complications. The application of infrared coagulation leads to a complete healing in 90% of cases.
  2. Rubber band ligation is a painless method of removal of internal hemorrhoids of I – III stage that does not require hospitalization. Thanks to the procedure, which lasts for 20 minutes, more than 80% of patients get rid of hemorrhoids forever.
  3. Radio-wave surgery, using Surgitron apparatus, is used for treatment of external hemorrhoids (at all developmental stages of the disease), condylomas, anal fissures and papillomas. The procedure is absolutely safe, does not injure tissues and allows fully getting rid of the disease for two weeks. The efficiency of radio-wave surgery is more than 90%.
  4. Transanal Doppler-guided desarterization with mucopexy (HAL-RAR) is the unique opportunity of treatment of hemorrhoid at any developmental stage just for one visit. Just for 40 minutes, under local and general anesthesia, the patient gets rid of hemorrhoid forever, because HAL-RAR eliminates not only the effects, but also causes of the disease. The efficiency of this method is 95.5%.
  5. Laser hemorrhoid surgery is a quick and safe removal of external and internal hemorrhoids, using the best modern surgical laser of Biolitec AG manufacture (Germany).


The initial consultation includes a history taking, digital rectal examination and diagnosis. If necessary, the doctor orders rectal video examination (rectoromanoscopy) and additional medical tests (which you can undergo in the clinic) and colonoscopy, which is performed by the top qualification endoscopist.


In the Proctology Department of Oxford Medical, both male and female proctologists work that allows the patient feeling comfortable and confident at the doctor’s office, regardless of gender.

The visit to a proctologist needs a simple preliminary preparation, the essence of which call center operators will explain to you when making an appointment for initial consultation.


The patients choose the clinic because of its certain advantages:

  • experienced proctologists;
  • having female proctologists in-house;
  • day patient department;
  • best diagnostic equipment (videorectoromanoscopy, colonoscopy);
  • cutting-edge medical equipment (unique HAL-RAR method in Ukraine);
  • possibility of undergoing medical tests and necessary examinations in the clinic;
  • attentive and responsive personnel;
  • possibility of consultation with the doctors of related specialties.

You can make appointment for a consultation with the proctologist by filling in the form on our website or calling us at (044) 204-40-40. 


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