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Hemorrhoid treatment

In Oxford Medical clinic, the hemorrhoid treatment is administered without surgical intervention. Certain noninvasive methods, applied in the Proctology Department, allow administering treatment of hemorrhoid without changing your day-to-day life and disrupting your work schedule. 


The hemorrhoid is a pathologic enlargement of hemorrhoids. Its signs are the bleeding and inflammation of the anal canal. The most widespread causes for appearance, development and exacerbation of the disease:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • irregular bowel movements (frequent constipations);
  • pregnancy.

The hemorrhoid is equally often encountered among both male and female. The doctors of our clinic comprehensively approach treatment of this disease. It starts from the examination and consultation of the proctologist for excluding any possibility of other pathologies of the rectum. The different types of conservative treatment (ointments, suppositories, folk methods) may bring temporary relief; however, they do not relieve from the disease.


In terms of the mechanism of appearance, the hemorrhoid may be congenital and acquired. The acquired hemorrhoid is divided into primary (as a particular disease) and secondary (as a symptom or complication of other disorder). In terms of localization, the hemorrhoid is divided into external (subcutaneous) and internal (submucosal).


If diagnosed with hemorrhoid, you should start your treatment urgently. The doctors of Oxford Medical clinic can diagnose this disease at the initial stage of development and cure it quickly.

Several methods of hemorrhoid treatment are applied in our clinic:


Treatment with medication.

This method is effective only at the first stage of treatment. In case of the timely visit to a proctologist, the treatment will not cause particular discomfort and will not require large financial investments. The correctly selected medication treatment guarantees soon recovery.


Infrared photocoagulation (effective at 1-2 stages of the disease)

The effect is achieved through the flux of thermal energy, impacting the walls of hemorrhoids, thus causing its sclerosis. The method is minimally invasive and does not require a long-term period for recovery.


Rubber band ligation

This minimally invasive and safe method of treatment is indicated for treatment at 2-3 stage of hemorrhoid. The rejection of hemorrhoids happens under the influence of rubber band. This type of treatment does not require a rehabilitation period.


Transanal Doppler-guided desarterization with mucopexy (HAL-RAR) The effect from application of this method is comparable to the results of surgical removal of affected veins. It is the only minimally invasive method, which is efficient at all 4 stages of treatment. The treatment in 99% of cases guarantees full recovery. The rehabilitation period passes with easiness and without sensation of pain.


The cost of treatment depends on the selected method of treatment and the stage of disease. The prices in Oxford Medical clinic are available to a wide circle of patients.


Patients choose us for:

  • powerful diagnostic potential, equipment and technologies of the last generation;
  • during treatment, the doctors of the Proctology Department apply only proven methods of world-class treatment;
  • application of the sparing minimally invasive treatment and, as the result, a quick and easy recovery.

Both male and female experienced proctologists receive patients in Oxford Medical clinic. Each patient can trust solution of his delicate issues to that specialist, the communication with whom he will find the most comfortable for him.


The Proctology Department in Oxford Medical is the comprehensive treatment of diseases, using the latest developments. The rehabilitation period is so short that you will forget about pain and discomfort. Call and make appointment at (044) 204 40 40.


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