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Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

A blepharoplasty is the procedure, which allows quickly and comfortably obtaining a young, bright and beautiful appearance. Because the tender skin of eyelids responses to all negative factors, manifested by the wrinkles and “bags” under eyes.


The plastic surgery on the eyelids is one of the most widespread procedures due to its quickness and wonderful aesthetic results.


The blepharoplasty is used to remove:

  • wrinkles
  • lowered corners of the eyes
  • overhanging eyelids
  • ‘bags’ under eyes
  • fatty hernias on upper eyelids;
  • skin laxity
  • asymmetry of eyes.

In addition, the blepharoplasty allows changing the shape and form of eyes.


The eyelid surgery is usually indicated from the age of 30 and above.


As the result of operation, the patients obtain the open, bright and live look; the overhanging skin is removed and the swelling around eyes decreases. The skin of eyelids is very thin, thanks to which the cicatrices after the operation heal faster, and the location of cicatrix in the natural eyelid creases makes it unnoticeable for prying eyes.


First of all, the patient comes to the free initial consultation of the plastic surgery, during which the doctor interviews, takes history, examines the skin condition and cicatrices from previous operations (if there were any) to assess how quick the healing will be.


If the blepharoplasty is indicated, the photoshoot is done (in order to assess the result then) and the doctor develops a treatment plan. It will be required to undergo blood tests for sugar and coagulogram.


The surgeons of Oxford Medical clinic successfully perform the plastic surgery of upper and lower eyelids.


Before the beginning of the operation, the doctor marks the lines of surgical intervention so that in future, there will be no visible cicatrix left.  After that, the pain relief injection is administered and small incisions, through which all necessary manipulations are performed, are made. Then, the thin stiches and sterile plaster are put on the eyelids, and the patient, after several hours of doctor’s care in the day patient department of the clinic, is sent home. The stitches are taken out on the 4th-5th days.


The swelling and hematoma (bruises), the degree of pronouncement of which depends on the individual features of the patient’s organism, are observed after the operation and disappear within 10 days.


The blepharoplasty is your best way to get back a young and bright look easily and quickly!


To make appointment for consultation with the plastic surgeon, call(044) 204 40 40 and our call-center operators will choose time, convenient for you. 


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