Surgical removal of scars and cicartrices

The appearance of scars and cicatrices on the skin is a normal protective reaction of the organism to the injury. But the appearance of a clearly visible mark on the site of allegedly small scratch is a serious aesthetic problem. Some scars can be removed by the cosmetologists; in more complicated cases, the plastic surgeons come to the aid.


The cicatrices and scars appear in the process of wound healing, when the skin tissue is replaced by the connective tissues, which externally differs from the surrounding skin. The scars are more sensitive to the ultraviolet radiation; there are no sweat glands in them, the hair does not grow on them.


The scars occur as the result of different skin lesions – they can be caused by cuts, bites, burns or diseases (acne, furuncles). The cicatrices are often left after the surgical treatment.


The cicatrices may be of several types:

  • atrophic – the surface of cicatrix is lower than the skin surface (the cicatrix “falls in”);
  • hypertrophic – the cicatrix is higher than the skin;
  • normotrophic – the scar looks like the thin pale line on the skin;
  • keloid – the scars of pink or crimson color, overhanging over the skin surface; such cicatrices can be itchy, cause pain, but start enlarging over time.

The type of the cicatrix mostly depends on the depth of skin lesion in case of the injury. If only the epidermis is affected, then the wound will likely disappear without leaving a trace. If the deeper skin layers are affected, the cicatrix will appear. The external type of the cicatrix also depends on the skin color, age and localization of the injury on the skin.


The modern medicine has a wide arsenal of the means, which can help getting rid of the scar or make it less noticeable. Depending on the type of the scar and its position on the skin, the doctor can apply:

  • medication therapy – cream or ointments, which are the auxiliary means, but are not effective against pronounced cicatrices;
  • cosmetological procedures – effective in certain cases, they are also applied in the reinstating therapy after plastic surgeries; non-surgical removal of scars is performed with application of rapid, painless and safe laser method Matrix RF;
  • plastic surgery is the most effective method of treatment of scars, applied even in the most complicated cases.

In most cases, the type and sizes of the cicatrix require performance of the plastic surgery.


In such case, during the preliminary consultation, the doctor examines the patient, takes history, check if there are no contraindications. After the patient is examined, the operation is ordered, during which the doctor removes the cicatrix.


The plastic surgery allows the doctor to remove the excessive cicatrical tissues, to match the edges of the wound maximally precisely and put the cosmetic stitch, which will be taken off in several days. After the operation, the medication therapy or the course of procedures in the Aesthetic Medicine Department can be ordered for obtaining more pronounced effect.


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