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Home health care services

Home health care services

The care about your health should not take much time. The family, work or desire to have some rest put our health issues on the back burner. That is why you do not often have time for examination by the doctor. The medical network Oxford Medical offers the home care services especially for you. 


The mobile brigades provide the emergency medical aid services as well as other services on:

  • hospitalization in the day patient department (private or public);
  • transportation of the patient from the day patient department to home;
  • transportation from one hospital to another (for example, for examination);
  • transportation of patients between cities (within the region or countries).

The emergency medical aid is available for both adult patients and children; it works for 24 hours a day and without days off.


Not all examinations and procedures should  necessarily be undergone within the walls of the clinic. Some of them may be undergone at home, and in some cases, it is expedient to undergo them at home, calling the necessary specialist.

Especially for you we offer:

  • emergency medical aid;
  • home visit of the therapist;
  • home visit of the pediatrician;
  • home visit of the single-discipline doctor;
  • home visit of the nurse;
  • sampling for laboratory analyses at home;
  • taking the electrocardiogram;
  • day patient treatment at home.

The visiting first aid brigades are composed of the highly qualified specialists. They have at their disposal the modern reanimation ambulance cars, fitted with the defibrillator, the system of the artificial lung ventilation, and all necessary equipment for providing effective medical aid at the emergency site and careful transportation of the patient in the day patient department.


If for any reasons, you cannot leave your home for consultation with the doctor, then the necessary specialist will go to your home. In most cases, the therapist, pediatrician or family doctor consult patients at home. If necessary, the home visit of the subject specialist is possible.

At home, the doctor can:

  • perform examination and specify the algorithm of further actions;
  • make blocking;
  • remove stitches;
  • debride wounds;
  • perform disintoxication;
  • take the cast off.

The visiting nurse can provide the following medical services:

  • injections (intramuscular, subcutaneous, intradermal, intravenous);
  • bandaging;
  • putting in an IV;
  • putting a cold pack.

All the manipulations are administered as per the order of the clinic’s doctors. The sampling for analyses and ECG (electrocardiogram) examination are also possible.


The home health care services, provided by the medical network Oxford Medical, were developed for providing a maximally quick, comfortable and effective medical aid to our patients.

You can order the home visit of specialists, if the ailment does not allow you to visit the doctor; if you do not have time for visiting the clinic; for eliminating the stress factor (for impressionable children or old people, the visit to the clinic may be the additional stress).


The home visit of the pediatrician is expedient during the high incidence of viral infections, because in this case, the risk that the child will be infected or infect the surrounding people in the medical institution or on the way to it decreases. 

The home healthcare services from Oxford Medical clinic is the effective, qualitative, quick and comfortable medical aid for adults and children.


You can find out the detailed information about home healthcare services by calling the operators of our call-center, or putting question in the chat on our website. 


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