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Вызов врача на дом в КиевеIn case of deterioration of the well-being, the first thing to do is to apply to the doctor for treatment, but it is not always possible. If you cannot go to the clinic, then you should better call in a home visiting doctor for check-up, examination and treatment.


When you are ill, you are not up for doing some matters, even including such a necessary visit to the doctor.  The home visiting doctor service, available for both adults and children, is offered in Oxford Medical clinic especially for such cases.

You can call in the home visiting doctor, if you or your child has:

  • elevated temperature;
  • rheumatic pain in the body;
  • headache;
  • cough;
  • runny nose;
  • sore throat;
  • dizziness;
  • tremors;
  • changes in pressure;
  • double vision;
  • stomachache;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • heartburn;
  • digestive disorders.

The patients, who have noticed one of these symptoms, often try to wait, hoping that he will get a relief; but any disease, unless properly treated, progresses longer and severer. They are often accompanied by complications and can develop into chronic diseases. Thus, the ignored cold can develop into the chronic bronchitis or even pneumonia.


It relates to the adults and, certainly, children, whose organism is much more susceptible to the diseases and their incorrect treatment.


By calling in a home visiting doctor, you will save your time and energy, obtaining a proper examination by the specialist in comfortable home conditions. If necessary, you can call in the following specialists:

  • therapist;
  • pediatrician;
  • subject specialist (for example, neurologist) upon confirming.

Calling in the doctor, you receive a complete examination and consultation with the doctor, as if you visited the clinic. You can also call in a home visiting nurse, who can administer injection, put in IV drip or apply a bandage. At home, you can give samples for analyses and have an ECG (electrocardiogram).


Everything you need to do is to contact us and the specialist of our clinic will arrive at the specified address at the convenient time. The doctor performs examination, if necessary, orders additional examinations (ultrasound, analyses, CT scan) or consults on further actions.


For patients, undergoing treatment in the day patient department, Oxford Medical clinic developed the ‘day patient treatment at home’ service, with which you receive the same treatment, not leaving comfortable conditions of your home.

In case if you or your child has an acute health condition (high fever, which cannot be brought down, traumas, foreign objects in the nose, making breathing difficult), you can immediately apply to the day patient department or call the ambulance.


You can call in a home visiting doctor, leaving your number by writing in the chat on our website or calling us.

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