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Plastic surgery

The correction of appearance is the step, which more and more men and women determine to take. Somebody wants to correct the form of ears, somebody needs to get rid of cutaneous neoplasms, and somebody wants to remove scars, left after operations or traumas. In all above-listed cases, the plastic surgeons come to aid. They eliminate the defects of the appearance by using the surgical intervention.


The interventions, performed by plastic surgeons, allow eliminating the smallest defects on the face and body, not leaving cicatrices and sutures. The plastic surgeries are affordable and safe. That is why the increasing number of patients decide to apply to the doctors of Oxford Medical clinic.


The plastic surgeons correct both congenital and acquired defects, successfully performing:

  • correction of the form of ears (otoplasty);
  • plastic surgery of eyelids (blepharoplasty);
  • removal of scars, left after injuries (burns, cuts, bites etc.).
  • removal of cicatrices, formed after surgical treatment;
  • excision of cutaneous neoplasms (basaliomas etc.)

The plastic surgery is the main method to help patients, in whose case the cosmetological methods are ineffective.


The modern plastic surgery is the affordable, safe and quick method to correct the appearance. The successful practice of dozens of thousands of doctors and millions of patients around the globe state that the plastic surgery is effective.


The high effectiveness of the plastic surgery, durability of its results and safeness for the patient’s health are possible due to the application of three main principles:

  • one-day surgery – most interventions on the correction of appearance can be performed on an outpatient basis, without the patient’s hospitalization, that significantly decreases the cost of treatment;
  • sedation and local anesthesia to decrease the medication load on the organism;
  • minimally invasive methods, applied by the surgeons, consisting in minimally required impact over the organism to maximally reduce the time of rehabilitation after plastic surgery.


The first stage of communication with the doctor is a free consultation, during which the patient describes his problem to the doctor, the surgeon examines and assesses the necessity and expediency of performance of plastic surgery.


If it is simpler and quicker to remove the aesthetic defect without operation, the patient is recommended making appointment for the consultation with the doctors of the Aesthetic Medicine Department, where the treatment is administered by using the methods of machine cosmetology.


If you still need the operation, then the doctor takes history of the patient, excludes possible contraindications and orders operation. After performing the operation, if the patient feels good, he can leave the clinic on that very day and continue his recovery in habitual conditions.


Within the next days, the doctor controls the process of healing at preventive examinations. The frequency of examinations depends on what specific operation was performed.

You can make appointment for consultation with the plastic surgery by calling (044) 204 40 40 or filling out the form on our website. 


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