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Dental Prosthetics

The modern medicine has many options for full restoration of destructed or lost teeth. The prosthetics does not require engagement of natural teeth, keeping their health and beauty.


The dental prostheses may be of the following types:

  • plastic crowns;
  • metal ceramic crowns;
  • zirconium crowns;
  • dental bridges;
  • indirect and direct veneers;
  • bugel removable prostheses;

There are two types of crown fixation:

  • on the root of the original tooth;
  • on the titanium implant, implanted in the osseous tissue;


This modern methodology allows making the dental row virtually pristine, even in case of absence of dental roots. The method of fixed restoration ensures reliable fixation of teeth, thanks to which food residues do not get into space under teeth, thus causing different inflammatory processes. The prosthetics of one tooth does not require tooth facing, thanks to which the neighboring teeth are not damaged. If many original healthy teeth remained in the oral cavity, you may hide absence of one tooth with a dental bridge, which is fixed on the neighboring teeth. It is the most cost saving type of prosthesis.


When there is a need to remove some aesthetic defects of the dental row, the specialist of our clinic use indirect and direct veneers – thin on-lay plates, hiding the yellow and chipped teeth as well as allowing correcting the tooth form or removing dental gaps. The indirect veneers are very durable thanks to their material of fabrication – ceramics or medical porcelain. However, when they are placed, the dental enamel is filed down; you need to wear them constantly and change regularly. The direct veneers differ by a quick and reduced-impact technology of placement without filing down teeth. They may be removed without any damage to teeth.


If for any reasons the above-listed methods of prosthetics are not suitable for a patient, we offer the analog – bugel prostheses. The bugel prostheses are hard, durable and convenient structures. They are designed for wearing round the clock without any need to take them off at night. The important advantage of such prostheses is that they do not anyhow influence a chewing process – the load is evenly distributed all over the jaw through arc-shaped frame of prostheses.  The financial capacity and preferences of the patient determinate the prosthesis fabrication material. The polypropylene, nylon and biodentaplast, distinguishable for its high degree of resilience and rigidity, are used in our clinic.


Make an appointment for a free consultation in Oxford Medical clinic, and the qualified specialist will help you to choose an optimal type and form of prosthesis, taking into account the concrete clinical situation.


  1. Absolute safeness and guarantees of treatment. In our clinic, a very rigorous infection control is observed and the multi-level instrument cleaning is performed; that is why you can be confident in the safeness of treatment. We provide guarantees for all types of prostheses.
  2. Modern methods and technologies. The personnel of our clinic is constantly studying new methods; the equipment and materials are regularly updated.
  3. We strive for building the maximally honest and open relationships with our clients.
  4. The initial consultation in Oxford Medical clinic is free of charge for our patients.

You may make an appointment by calling at (044) 204 40 40. Trust your healthy shining smile to real professionals!


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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