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Dental disease prevention

The overwhelming majority of Ukrainians is exposed to different dental diseases. The diseases of periodontal tissues (periodontal diseases), tooth decay, pulpitis and periodontitis are most often the reason for teeth loss at a young age. These diseases are extremely widespread: according to different estimates, 40-70% Ukrainians under 35 have them, while more than 90% of people suffer from them after 40.  The teeth loosening, osseous lesion and loss of teeth are the consequence of these diseases.


Practicing proper oral hygiene, teeth brushing and polishing, removal of dental calcareous deposits (dental calculus, dental plaque) are the important preventive measures against dental diseases. However, these measures may be not enough without regular visits to a dentist for prevention of diseases, their identification at an early stage and further treatment.


Oxford Medical offers many treatment programs, which, in combination with preventive procedures, allow fighting dental diseases effectively.

  • dental cleaning and polishing, using equipment;
  • gums treatment;
  • sealing of fissures of erupted teeth;
  • treatment of all stages of tooth decay; 
  • endodontic care (root canal treatment);
  • veneers placement (artistic dental restoration);
  • decoration of teeth with various decorative on-lays;

The dentists of Oxford Medical clinic use cutting-edge medical equipment. For example, the special professional pastes are used while cleaning teeth. The teeth polishing by Air Flow procedure, during which the teeth are polished with the help of finely dispersed particles under pressure, is also performed.


When treating gums, Vector technology, which uses not the oscillations of a metal instrument, but the drops of finely dispersed aqueous solution, is applied for removal of deposits that makes this procedure virtually painless.


The cost of services is calculated individually after the consultation with a doctor. Make an appointment for a free initial consultation with the dentists of Oxford Medical clinic, in order to be confident in the health of your teeth and the beauty of your smile!

You may receive any additional information by calling us at (044) 204-40-40.


The clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, which allows making most accurate diagnoses that excludes the probability of incorrect treatment. More detailed information about the diagnostics in the clinic is provided in the relevant section.


Only best specialists of the country are drawn upon to work in the Dentistry Department of Oxford Medical clinic. They will help you in any situation: from preventive examination and removal of dental deposits to the dentures and complex surgical operations. 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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