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Aesthetic medicine

To look young and beautiful is everybody’s dream. The cosmetologists of Oxford Medical Clinic make this dream come true thanks to cutting-edge technologies. The doctors of the Aesthetic Medicine Department will do their best that you quickly and safely receive the appearance of your dream. The initial consultation with the cosmetologist in Oxford Medical clinic is free of charge.


1. Hair removal.

The quick and absolutely painless removal of unwanted hair by ELOS technology – simultaneously targeted exposure to light and electrical energy. The removal procedure is comfortable and absolutely safe for the organism.


2. Treatment of cellulite and unwanted fat

The treatment of cellulitis is administered by using the Vela Shape III system, thanks to the soft impact of which the structure of skin and muscle tissues is restored at the cellular level. Vela Shape III is the most effective and pleasant way of combatting the cellulitis and skin stretch marks.


3. Ultrasonic fat melting

The application of Ultra Shape technique allows reducing the waist by 20 cm within several procedures. The procedure is painless, comfortable and performed WITHOUT surgical intervention. The fat deposits are removed by ultrasonic impulses and are excreted by the organism.


4. Non-surgical Facelift  

The unique opportunity to make your skin firm and tight, not resorting to the surgical operation. The nonsurgical ELOS lifting allows performing the skin tightening procedure without operations and unpleasant feelings, thanks to activated production of elastin and collagen by the organism.  


The facelift by using the laser impact on the skin makes it younger, more elastic and tighter, and removes slight defects of the skin (pigmentation, wrinkles and scars).


5. Face Injections/Fillers

The unique injection method, allowing correcting the facial contours, form and size of lips, chin and cheekbone contours, form of the nose without surgery.


6. Skin Care

An ultrasonic cleansing is a deep, but delicate cleansing of pores from contaminations, fact and keratinized cells. It is an effective method against multiple problems, from acne and seborrhea to ageing and skin stretchmarks.

The oxygen Jet Peel procedure is an effective method against age spots, scars and stretchmarks. The mix of nourishing cocktails, applied to skin under high pressure, smoothens and polishes the skin.


7. Mesotherapy

The mesotherapy allows splitting fats, removing skin dryness and preventing hair loss thanks to injecting the complex of medications, vitamins and microelements to the skin.

The rejuvenating injections release from wrinkles on the face, neck and decollate. The procedure lasts not less than 20 minutes, allowing making the skin smooth, young and beautiful again. The medication is also a beautiful method to prevent excessive sweating and headaches.



The moisturizing injections, administered during the procedures of biorevitalization, mesotherapy and fillers, retain necessary moisture and stimulate the independent production of collagen by the organism.


  • free initial consultation with the cosmetologist;

  • regular special offers;

  • qualified and careful specialists;

  • best cosmetological equipment;

  • only individual approach to treatment of patients.

You can make appointment for free initial consultation with the cosmetologist of Oxford Medical clinic by filling in the application form on our website or by calling (044) 204-40-40!



A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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