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To raise a developed and healthy child is the purpose and dream of all parents.  One of the conditions for achievement of this purpose is the timely and effective care about his health and treatment of children’s diseases. For that, it is necessary to undergo a regular examination by the qualified pediatrician.


The kids fall ill very often, due to which over some time the parents stop worrying about cough or runny nose, not applying to the pediatrician. However, not severe, but permanent symptoms are the sign of chronic slowly progressive diseases. That is why, if you see that your child is not healthy, it is better to apply to the doctor immediately in order to diagnose and treat possible disease at the early stage, before the appearance of complications.


The warning signs can be:

  • high temperature;
  • cough;
  • runny nose;
  • sluggishness and general weakness;
  • skin redness or rash;
  • stomachache;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • rapid heartbeat;
  • pain in the back, extremities etc.


It is important for the doctors of the clinic to not only treat the child, but also make it so that he does not have fear of people in white coats.


The first visit to the pediatrician starts from the acquaintance of the doctor with the patient and his parents. Then, the doctor performs examination of the child and speaks with parents regarding the symptoms, bothering the child or caused by parents. If necessary, for establishing the diagnosis or undergoing the preventive examinations, the doctor can order additional examinations (analyses, ultrasound examinations) or consultation with the subject specialists.


In Oxford Medical clinic, your child can undergo medical tests, ultrasound examination of internal organs, cardiogram, examinations of the hormonal background etc. As per results of the diagnostics, the doctor will order the individual plan of treatment, taking into account the specifics of the child’s organism.


Except for that, the pediatrician will consult parents on all the questions, associated with childcare; correct diet during breast-feeding; which vaccination your child needs; what is needed for the healthy development of your child etc.

If necessary, in Oxford Medical clinic you can apply to the single-discipline pediatricians:

  • pediatric dermatologist;
  • pediatric otolaryngologist;
  • pediatric gastroenterologist;
  • pediatric endocrinologist.

You need to visit the pediatrician each month during the first year of your child’s life, then – as often as required to undergo medical examinations before starting going to the kindergarten or school and for vaccination of the child. You should also visit the doctor if the above-listed symptoms appear.


The pediatricians of Oxford Medical clinic receive children of any age: from the first year of life to the age of majority.

In order to make appointment with the pediatrician or call in the pediatrician, call (044) 204-40-40. 


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