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Dental and mandible/maxilla СТ scan

The mandible/maxilla CT scan is the procedure, which became the integral part of any modern dentistry. It is performed to see the anatomic features of the dental structure, dental roots and root canals, to determine the condition of the bone tissue of the jaw. The CT scan is used during the gums treatment, planning of the operation, dental implantation. The results of dental CT scan are used in therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, orthodontic treatment and in pediatric dentistry.


During the performance of CT scan, the principle that X-rays differently pass through the organism structures (muscles, bones, cavities) is used. The ray passes through the patient’s body and is detected by the special detector. Thus, the series of images, based on which the computer builds 3D model, is made – the computed tomography. The scanning procedure is absolutely painless and does not cause any unpleasant feelings.

Снимок компьютенрной томографии

The result of the digital examination is kept on file in the clinic’s database and patient’s disc. These data will be needed for further treatment and can be useful for other specialists. For example, the CT image of maxillary sinuses may be useful during the otolaryngologist’s examination.


The CT scan has a huge advantage in comparison to the classic X-ray examination. Because the doctor obtains a large three-dimensional image, but not a two-dimensional as during the X-ray imaging. The X-ray image is static, while CT three-dimensional model may be turned at any angle to see the minutest details. The computed tomogram does not have any distortion and errors. The much less radiation exposure, which allows performing CT scan even for children, is an additional benefit for a patient.


  • checking teeth for hidden tooth decay;
  • detecting non-erupted teeth;
  • finding neoplasms;
  • specifying the injuries, caused by traumas;
  • controlling the quality of filling, implant;
  • visualizing the inflammatory processes;
  • assessing the degree of resorption (destruction) of the jawbone;
  • determining all the features of the bone to match the best implant;
  • finding the anomalies of development of teeth and jaw;
  • modelling the results of implantation, so that the patients see the result, which they will obtain.

The CT scan allows examining different areas: from one tooth to the full examination of the jaw, thanks to which the doctor obtains an exhaustive information about the problem, and the patient – exactly the treatment, which is needed.

Vatech CT scanner, used in the Dentistry Department of Oxford Medical Kyiv allows creating precise 3D models of the jaw without the slightest discrepancies and errors.



  • the minimal radiation exposure (6-10 times less than during the regular spiral computed tomography). The effective dose of the average image is commensurate with a three-hour flight on the airplane.
  • The quick timing of scanning is up to 30 seconds.
  • The scanning is performed in the upright position. No special preparation to the examination is required.
  • The high quality of the obtained image, which gives many diagnostic opportunities.

You can find out more and make an appointment for CT scan by calling the call-center of Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic at (044) 204-40-40.  


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