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Thick and voluminous hair, perfect smile, and flawless skin are essential elements of the image of a healthy and good-looking person. Unfortunately, nearly 90% of people have problems with their hair or scalp. Trichologist is the medical specialist who addresses these problems.

Why and when you need to visit a trichologist?

Most people believe that the hair loss problem is irreversible and, as a result, do not seek medical attention. Many people try to cope with hair loss on their own but only make the situation worse, while what they should really be doing is visiting a trichologist who can quickly and effectively solve their hair problems.

Visit a trichologist if you observe any of the following:

  • intense hair loss or thinning of hair
  • brittle and splitting hair;
  • damaged or dry hair;
  • premature graying of hair
  • oily or dry scalp;
  • irritated and sensitive scalp. 

Despite the fact that the problems mentioned above seem purely cosmetic, they are often manifestations of problems with the digestive tract or with the endocrine, reproductive or nervous systems. Therefore, at Oxford Medical you can get advice from other specialists - gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, urologist, or gynecologist.

Treatment by trichologist can help improve hair structure, extend the life of growing hair, stimulate growth of new hair, and decrease baldness.   The result is healthy, voluminous, and thick hair.

Hair therapy at Oxford Medical

Our doctors successfully treat patients suffering from:

  • hair loss;
  • symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff and itching);
  • hirsutism (excessive hairiness especially on women);
  • excessive body hair;
  • damage of the hair structure;
  • psoriasis of the hairy part of the head;
  • fungal and bacterial infections;
  • viral lesions of the scalp.

A trichologist can determine the root cause of hair loss and prescribe an efficient and safe individual treatment that may include medications, physical therapy, changes in the diet, or lifestyle.

Doctors at Oxford Medical use proven and effective methods of treatment of hair diseases, such asPRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), mesotherapy and ozone therapy.

You can make an appointment with a trichologist at Oxford Medical Kiev by phone (044) 204-40-40 or via the website application form.



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