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    The thick hair, ideal smile and clean skin are the indispensable elements of the image of a healthy and handsome man. Unfortunately, about 90% of people have problems with hair and skin of the head. The trichologist administers treatment of these problems.


    Most people consider the problem of alopecia irreversible and do not visit the doctor for this reason. Many people try to cope with alopecia independently, thus only worsening the situation. While you need to go to the consultation with the trichologist, who will quickly and effectively solve such problems.


    You need to visit the trichologist, if you have:

    • alopecia or intensive hair thinning;
    • brittle and split hair;
    • damaged and dry hair;
    • premature greying;
    • fat or dry skin of the head;
    • irritated and sensitive skin of the head.

    Despite that the above-mentioned problems seem to be purely cosmetical, they are frequently the first signal of problems with the digestive tract, endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems. That is why in Oxford Medical Kyiv, you can make appointment for the consultations with related specialists: gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, urologist or gynecologist.


    The treatment by the trichologist allows improving the structure of hair, prolonging the life of growing hair, hastens the appearance of new hair and decreases receding hairlines. As the result, you get healthy, fleecy and thick hair.


    The doctors of the clinic successfully treat the patients, suffering from:

    • alopecia;
    • manifestations of seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff and itching);
    • hirsutism (male pattern of hair distribution among women)
    • excessive hair growth;
    • damaging the hair structure;
    • psoriasis of the hairy part of the head;
    • fungal and bacterial infections;
    • viral lesions of the skin of the head.

    The trichologist will determine the cause of loss of hair and will prescribe the effective and safe treatment as per the individual program, which may include the medication therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures, changes in the nutrition and lifestyle.


    The doctors of Oxford Medical clinic successfully use the proven and effective methods, such as plasma lifting, mesotherapy and ozone therapy, for treating the hair diseases.

    You can make appointment with the trichologist by calling.


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