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The appearance greatly impacts the success of a modern man. The first thing, which we pay attention to when meeting a stranger, is his facial skin and hair condition. It is no wonder that it is quite pleasant to communicate with the person, who has a clean, well cared for, healthy skin and beautiful shiny hair. The skin appearance and hair condition are main indicators of the health of the whole organism. Virtually, all skin problems should be treated, applying a comprehensive approach: detailed study of a problem, use of cosmetic products and performance of medical procedures, using the advanced equipment. 

Проктология клиники "Оксфорд Медикал" в КиевеПроктология: Об отделении проктологии клиники "Оксфорд Медикал" в Киеве. Лечение геморроя на всех стадиях заболевания без операции. Лечение трещин прямой кишки и анального зуда.

Oxford Medical clinic works hard to help people become healthier and prettier; that is why we have a modern Dermatology Department, where each patient can obtain professional consultation on troubling skin problems and sort them out once and forever. The combination therapy of skin diseases, applied in Oxford Medical clinic, is the guarantee of treatment of not only local manifestations of the disease, but also of its cause. If you need the precise diagnosis on high-quality modern equipment and effective treatment – choose the Dermatology Department of Oxford Medical Kyiv. We have everything, necessary for operative solution of any dermatologic problem: experienced specialists, advanced equipment and huge desire to help each patient.


In our clinic’s Dermatology Department, the following diseases are successfully treated:

  • psoriasis;
  • seborrhea;
  • eczema;
  • dermatitis;
  • alopecia;
  • dermatomycosis;
  • demodecosis;
  • rosacea;
  • photodermatosis;
  • acne vulgaris etc.

The specialists of our clinic perform cryotherapy procedure and remove papillomas, warts, lipomas, scars etc.


The dermatologists deal with different skin diseases. If you found skin rash, you have got the itching of unknown nature – you should visit the dermatologist of Oxford Medical clinic. The specialists recommend not delaying your visit to a doctor, expecting that everything “will clear up on its own”. The dermatologic problems may lead to serious complications. The timely consultation of experienced doctor will help to find out the diagnosis and obtain valuable medical recommendations, which will help to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. 

The consultation with the dermatologist includes:

  • examination of cutaneous integuments for establishing a preliminary diagnosis, during which the general condition of patient’s skin is taken into account.
  • Wood’s lamp examination;
  • when the general skin examination is not enough for establishing a precise diagnosis, the noninvasive test is performed for diagnosing different types of dermatosis;
  • additional methods of examination (performed when required):


  1. exfoliation;
  2. diascopy and clearing;
  3. biochemical analyses;
  4. histologic examinations;
  5. skin tests.

As per the diagnosis results, the dermatologist diagnoses the disease, troubling patient. All necessary medical tests may be undergone in the clinic.

Before the examination, you should not wash and clean affected skin areas with any disinfectants. You should not either apply any medication or ointments on affected areas 48 hours before the examination. 


  • The Dermatology Department in Oxford Medical is the clinic with excellent reputation, where each patient will be provided with high-quality services of the dermatologist, comprehensively examined and prescribed with the most effective treatment.
  • We guarantee high effectiveness of treatment of dermatologic diseases provided that the patient observes all doctor’s recommendations.
  • Our clinic uses the innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment of the whole range of skin diseases, applying the advanced equipment.
  • The doctors, having the highest qualification in their major profile as well as other fields, receive patients; that is why, if necessary, you can get additional consultation on the disease. The treatment is selected based on performed examinations, taking into account the individual run of patient’s disease.


The Dermatology Department is located at the address: 40X Glubochitskaya Str. You can make appointment for consultation with the dermatologist right now, by calling (044) 204 40 40. 


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