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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry

A visit to the dentist as one of the most joyful memories of carefree childhood... This is the impression your child can have rather than painful memories of the first visit to the state dental clinic.

The very first meeting with a dentist as a child will influence an adult's attitude toward dentists in the future because it is of high importance to have only pleasant memories of the first visit to a dental clinic. For many, stress from the first visit to the dentist transforms into fear, which leads to postponing future visits to the dentist.

Without timely treatment and prevention, dental problems are inevitable and can provoke a number of other problems, from jaw deformities to gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Pediatric dentistry “Oxford Medical”

Painless and comfortable dental care for your child at the "Oxford Medical" pediatric dentistry is made possible thanks to the use of modern technologies and work of the professionals.

Dental department of the "Oxford Medical" clinic provides a wide range of services in the field of pediatric dentistry:

  • Cavities treatment;
  • milk teeth filling;
  • milk teeth removal;
  • bite correction, teeth alignment;
  • diagnosis of teeth and jaw development (to identify potential problems at an early stage);
  • Professional oral hygiene/

Particular attention is paid to the diagnosis of dental problems, which is not only informative but also absolutely safe for children. All diagnostics at the "The Oxford Medical" are performed with X-ray, or CT(computer tomography), which is safer for the child's body than ordinary x-ray machine.

Any procedure is painless thanks to the use of local anesthesia. First, doctors apply anesthetic gel and only then make an anesthetic injection. As a result, your child does not associate his or her visit to the doctor with pain.

Child’s first visit to the dentist

Doctors at the dental department strive not only to treat your child but also guard him or her from stress, fear and negative emotions. In order for a child to remember their first visit to the dentist as a pleasant event, parents also need to put effort into that along with the clinic staff.

During the very first visit to the dentistry, it is better to start with a consultation during which the child gets to know the doctor and assistants and also gets used to the surroundings. In a very easy and simple form, the doctor will explain your child about the upcoming treatment in order to eliminate fear that might arise.

If the child is not afraid of dental treatment, then regular visits to the dentist will become a habit of a lifetime. This allows to notice any potential dental problems and nip them in the bud.

Even if your child is not bothered by anything and nothing needs to be treated, then just bring him for a well-check. Your child will remember that going to the dentist is nothing to be afraid of and will not be upset next time the doctor actually administers treatment. Every little patient leaves us with a little gift in order to make children more willing to come to the doctor next time.

Why choose pediatric dentistry at “Oxford Medical”? 

  • pain-free dental treatment for your child by our best experts;
  • best diagnostic equipment, safe for the kids;
  • warranty for all the procedures;
  • flexible pricing.


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