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CT (computed tomography) scan

    CT (computed tomography) scan

    The precise and timely diagnosis of the disease is of crucial importance for the correct and successful treatment of the disease. This particularly explains the popularity of the most perfect method of X-ray diagnosing - computed tomography (CT) scan. CT scan is the fastest, safest and painless method of obtaining a full information about his organism. The report on CT scan findings is issued to the patient on the same day, when the examination is performed.


    The CT scan is required for detecting many diseases, which affect different organs and systems of the organism:

    • nervous system (including the brain);
    • thyroid and parathyroid glands;
    • lungs, trachea, bronchi
    • organs of the abdominal cavity: liver, spleen, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder and bile ducts
    • genitourinary system: kidneys and adrenal glands, bladder, pelvic organs
    • locomotor apparatus: bones, joints and spine
    • lymphatic system


    In our clinic, the multi-slice CT scan of the following organs is performed:

    • brain
    • facial skull
    • paranasal sinuses;
    • temporal bones;
    • spinal cord;
    • spine;
    • joints and bones;
    • thyroid gland;
    • thoracic organs;
    • organs of the abdominal cavity;
    • pelvic organs in women and men;
    • kidneys and adrenal glands;
    • blood vessels (angiography).

    The CT scan with application of special contrast preparations is performed for obtaining more precise data. The contrast is used for studying the brain, soft tissue of the throat, thoracic organs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, adrenal glands, salivary glands, pelvic organs and vessels.


    Toshiba Asteion CT scanner, used for performing the diagnosis, allows examining all the body organs with a 0.5 mm thick slice. The effective use of radiation allows obtaining the image of the high quality and definition with the minimal radiation dose.

    You can make appointment for CT scan by calling (044) 204 40 40.


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