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Each woman needs to have a personal gynecologist, who will not only be capable of making a correct diagnosis, but will also be able to listen and understand a patient. Thanks to such approach, a woman will have not only a doctor, but also a trusted advisor in the most delicate matters, related to women’s health.


Taking into account that most gynecological diseases noticeably “became younger”, and the risk of oncological diseases increased by 60%, it is important to undergo examination by the gynecologist regularly, even if no symptoms appear. Because only qualified specialists with modern equipment can detect most gynecological diseases at their early stages of development.


That is why the gynecologists continue to remind: one hour, spent on the visit to a gynecologist, will save you from many fears, doubts and suspicions.

Furthermore, it is impossible to correctly diagnose the gynecological disease and its cause independently; that is why the regular visits to a gynecologist is the guarantee for saving women’s health for long years.


The Gynecology Department of Oxford Medical Kyiv successfully performs:

  • cervical dysplasia treatment;
  • cervical ectropion treatment;
  • intimate plastic surgery.

Only qualified gynecologists with a long-term work experience perform diagnosis of the disease and prescribe effective treatment after carrying out necessary examination.


During the initial consultation, the gynecologist:

  • takes history of the patient;
  • interviews the patient to find out possible problems;
  • performs examination in the gynecological examination chair;
  • performs examination of mammary glands.

Based on it, the doctor issues preliminary health record. If necessary, the laboratory tests are ordered for specification of the diagnosis. You may undergo them in our clinic quickly and comfortably.


The ultrasound diagnosis may also be ordered. You may undergo it in our clinic on the premium-class ultrasound scan. The ultrasonic examination is needed for identifying large pathologies of internal genitals (myomatous nodules, endometrial polyps, ovarian cysts and cystomas, inflammatory formations etc).


Patients choose us for:

  • experienced, attentive and responsive personnel;
  • best diagnostic equipment (videocolposcopy, premium-class ultrasound scan);
  • doctors, who regularly upgrade their qualification abroad;
  • possibility to undergo medical tests in the clinic;
  • absolute confidentiality of the patient;
  • guarantee of recovery provided that all doctor’s instructions are observed;
  • flexible price policy.

Remember! The timely visit to a doctor allows detecting and curing the diseases, which are non-threat at their early stages, but very dangerous at late developmental stages.

You may make appointment for consultation with the gynecologist by filling in the form on our website or calling (044) 204-40-40.  


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