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Cervical dysplasia treatment

The changes in the epithelium of uterine cervix, characterized by the presence of atypical cells, are called as the cervical dysplasia. It is asymptomatic dangerous diseases, which frequently transform into cervical cancer. Young women most often suffer from this disease. The dysplasia often starts after the herpes virus or papilloma affects the organism.


The disease occurs as the result of hyperplasia of squamous epithelium cells. The dysplasia occurs during the process of cell maturation that leads to their atypia – change of cell composition.

The impetus to development of cervical dysplasia may be:

  • papillomavirus infection;
  • abnormalities while undergoing cytological analyses;
  • infections;
  • immune system diseases;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • beginning an early sex life;
  • sexual promiscuity;
  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • penile cancer of the sexual partner;
  • polyps, leukoplakia, ectopy.

Stages of development of the disease:

  1. Mild. Dysplasia of basal and parabasal layers of cells.
  2. Moderate. Lower epithelial layer undergoes pathologic changes. 
  3. Severe. The pre-invasive cancer stage, when the whole stratified squamous epithelium is affected.

To prevent this disease, you need to:

  • be diagnosed on time and treat infectious diseases;
  • undergo preventive examinations by the gynecologist;
  • annually undergo PAP test – screening of mucous membrane of uterine cervix.


The cervical dysplasia is diagnosed based on the results of cytological examination of biomaterials, videocolposcopy and histologic examination. The methods, applied for treatment of the disease, depend on the degree of its development and age of the patient. The dysplasia of the 1st stage is treated by body defenses in 50-60% cases. The 2nd stage of dysplasia is treated by the radio-wave method (using Surgitron) or liquid nitrogen. Upon the completion of treatment of the severe stage of dysplasia, you will need to undergo a dispensary observation once per half a year.


The cost of treatment of cervical dysplasia directly depends on the stage of disease, presence of complications and different gynecological problems as well as the specific features of the patient’s organism. You can familiarize with the price policy of Oxford Medical clinic in ‘Prices’ Section or calling us by phone.


We perform a wide range of diagnostic and laboratory examinations within the clinic without having to send patients to other laboratories. The gynecologists analyze the results of applied therapeutic methods to improve diagnostic and treatment methods. The delicacy, attentive attitude to patients and high proficiency of the gynecologists of Oxford Medical clinic will convince you to address to them not only for solving insignificant problems. After undergoing treatment in our clinic, you will surely choose one of the specialists as your regular doctor and medical advisor.

Take the first step to fight against the dysplasia – make appointment by calling (044) 204 40 40 in Kyiv.


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