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Human papilloma virus (HPV) treatment

The papillomavirus infection is a commonly encountered sexually transmitted disease. The virus can “live” in the organism for quite long and show up on the skin and mucous membranes only in several years. There are multiple types of HPV, each of which is manifested differently. Triggering-off the appearance of papillomas and warts is their common main quality. There exist such types of HPV, the continuous and unnoticeable development of which will lead to a precancerous condition – the papillomas are transformed into cervical dysplasia. The HPV disappears spontaneously with most women and young ladies; however, if the virus does not disappear, it can cause development of the condylomatosis, precancerous abnormalities, cervical cancer and other diseases. 


The risk factors of infecting with human papillomavirus:

  • sexual contacts in early age;
  • promiscuous sexual life (multiple partners, occasional sexual encounters);
  • weak immune system;
  • cervical ectropion;
  • infections.

The sexual contacts (vaginal, anal and oral) with a virus carrier is the primary cause for infecting with HPV.  The virus infection may also occur through non-sexual contact or during childbirth. The alcohol and tobacco abuse, severe stresses, influenza, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract often serve as an impetus to development of HPV.


It is important to understand: a human papillomavirus is a very widespread infection; all sexually active strata of the population are at risk. HPV is transmitted when contacting skin and mucous membrane of the carrier; that is why even barrier protective means will not always protect from infection. HPV does not get in the blood and other tissues and organs, it replicates in deep layers of the skin. When the virus is transmitted to infected epithelium and comes to the surface, it becomes infectious. Visiting public places with high humidity, such as bathhouses, saunas, swimming pools etc. is one more frequent cause for HPV infection.


HPV symptoms depend on the virus type; however, among most infected people, the virus does not manifest anyhow. The general symptoms of HPV are:

  • pains and burning in genitals;
  • pains when the penis penetrates into the vagina;
  • unusual discharges.

The genital warts also appear when the infection affects genitals and anal area. Weeks and even years may pass from the time of infecting with the virus and their appearance. The condylomas are small warty growths of pinkish or body color; their size is from 1 to several centimeters. The condylomas can grow and transform into multi-layer formations over time. Depending on the condition of immune system of the patient, the condylomas can replicate, do not change their form and size or disappear independently. The condylomas do not only cause discomfort, impeding to lead a full sexual life, but can also bleed and result in obstructed labor.


HPV diagnosis starts from the examination of cutaneous integuments and mucous membranes as well as finding out the patient’s complaints. The examination of vagina and uterine cervix, colposcopy, cell smear test and biopsy are indicated to women. Currently, Digene-test is the most high-precision method of HVP diagnosis. It allows detecting the virus, determining its type and degree of malignancy.


Today, there are no well-defined schemes of HVP treatment. The selection of treatment method depends on the type of disease, caused by the virus. Most modern methods are aimed at relieving patients from the signs of diseases, but not at HVP removal from human organism. The treatment is most often performed through cryotherapy and electrocoagulation. The malignant neoplasms are removed surgically. For reducing risks of recurrence of the disease, the patient is offered to take anti-viral medication, stimulating the immune system. 


The cost of treatment of the human papillomavirus in our clinic is individual. You can always familiarize yourself with tentative prices in ‘Prices’ Section or by calling our call-center operators.


Our clinic stands out in terms of offered benefits among other clinics. Oxford Medical has everything for successful treatment:

  • highly qualified specialists: the gynecologists of the clinic use all effective diagnosis methods as well as surgical and conservative treatment;
  • application of unique methods of treatment;
  • modern equipment for diagnosing and treatment of patients;
  • rehabilitation programs;
  • individual approach to each patient;
  • comfortable conditions for staying in the clinic.


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