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X-Ray (Digital Radiography)

    X-Ray (Digital Radiography)

    X-Ray in Kyiv

    Digital Radiography is quick, safe, painless and accurate method of radiodiagnosis. Through the use of X-Ray machine a doctor can receive a sharp image of the patient’s bones and soft tissues, without submitting him to painful and uncomfortable diagnostic procedures.


    Radiography Department of «Oxford Medical Clinic» is equipped with a digital radiographic system  Multix Select DR (Siemens, Germany) which  makes it possible to do the following diagnostic procedures:

    • fluorography;

    • lung X-Ray;

    • skull X-Ray;

    • X-Ray of clavicle;

    • X-Ray of the vertebral column (cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumber spine, sacral spine, tail bone);

    • Ribs X-Ray;

    • X-Ray of limbs bones;

    • X-Ray of joins (knee-joint, elbow joint, hip joint, ankle joint, shoulder joint, wrist joint);

    • X-Ray of feet and hands;

    • X-Ray of pelvic bones;

    • X-Ray of maxillary sinus cavities;

    • abdominal X-Ray.

    X-Ray machine makes it possible to examine patients weighing up to 200 kg.


    Radiographic diagnostic procedures are prescribed in the following cases:

    • fractures and dislocations;

    • prevention and early detection of diseases of the chest organs (oncological diseases, tuberculosis, pulmonary emphysema, pneumonia, pleurisy etc.)

    • otolaryngological diseases (maxillary sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, nasal septum deviation);

    • spine diseases (osteochondrosis, spondylosis, hernias) and joint diseases (rheumatic joint disease, arthritides, artthroses);

    • injury of eye socket;

    • kidney diseases (renal gravel, pyelonephritis, urinary stone diseases)

    The main advantage of this method of diagnostic is absence of contraindications.


    The main advantages of the digital radiography in comparison with the analog machines of previous generation are:

    • safety and security, due to significantly lower radiation exposure;

    • possibility to obtain almost immediate pictures (without waisting time for developing a film);

    • making pictures of higher quality, refined with software tools;

    • convenient storage, sharing and displaying of the examination results, due to the digital format.

    Efficiency and safety of the digital radiographic system  Siemens Multix Select DR is certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This institution deals among other things with certification of medical equipment, making strict demands in questions of efficacy and safety.  

    Call us or leave a message for our operators on the website of the clinic «Oxford Medical» to make an appointment for examination.


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