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The pleasant smile always makes a good impression, while the uneven teeth, on the contrary, embarrass interlocutors and make people be ashamed of their smile.

However, the abnormal occlusion is not just confined to aesthetic defects. Few are aware that the wrong dentition may be a cause of headaches, stomach diseases, acute respiratory diseases, otitis, maxillary sinusitis and sinus infections.


Depending on the material, from which the they are made, the braces may be:

  • metal braces – cheap and reliable systems, which simply and effectively correct dentition. However, they have one disadvantage – unattractive external view, which strikes the eye;
  • porcelain braces – special, barely noticeable, development. The color of braces is selected to match the color of teeth enamel that makes them virtually unnoticeable. It is worth noting that these systems are more cumbersome and their price is higher than of metal braces.
  • sapphire braces – elite braces systems, which are fabricated from specially grown sapphire crystals. They are very firm, virtually unnoticeable (transparent), and are not colored despite whatever you eat.

However, they require practicing proper hygiene. 


In terms of method of their placement, the braces are distinguished:

  • vestibular braces – easy to install and maintain, because it is attached to the front surface of teeth. However, it is also their disadvantage – they are visible to the surrounding people while talking or even smiling;
  • lingual braces are attached to the inner surface of teeth; that is why they are absolutely invisible to the surrounding people.  However, such method of fixation requires a certain level of qualification from the orthodontist and is more difficult in daily care.

in terms of arch fixation:

  • the regular braces, where the arch is rigidly connected with locks by ligatures, for the movement of which we need to apply much force;
  • the self-ligating braces systems, in which the arch fixation goes without its blocking. As a result, the treatment process speeds up and becomes less uncomfortable for a patient.



The doctor performs professional examination, using different methods of X-ray imaging and other instrumental methods. The teeth impressions are made, the condition of muscles and joints is assessed. The plan and duration of further treatment is drawn up based on performed diagnostic tests, the analysis of the structure is made and the artificial model of teeth is created.



If necessary, before the orthodontic treatment, the doctor may prescribe:

  • treatment of tooth decay, pulpitis or other existing diseases;
  • preventive treatment (removal of dental deposits, dental fluoride treatment etc);
  • surgical procedures: tooth extraction, upper lip and tongue frenuloplasty, recession of impacted tooth, vestibuloplasty.


The fabrication of orthodontic structure and fitting braces is carried out based on performed diagnostic tests and after preparation of the patient’s oral cavity. After placing a structure, the patient is under regular care, which prodives for periodontic correction. The duration of treatment stage depends on the severity of dentofacial anomaly, age and many other factors. The treatment takes 12-15 months with 1-2 visits to a doctor per month.



This stage is aimed at sustaining the result. If the obtained result is not fixed, the teeth will try to return to the original position. At this stage, both permanent and removable retainers (traditional orthodontic plates, splints, two-jaw retention structucture) are used. The duration of recovery stage is, on average, 1.5 – 2 times more than the period of active treatment.




  • only we have the best diagnostic equipment: X-ray, panoramic X-ray system, CT scanner;
  • best endodontists;
  • wide range of braces systems: from low-cost to elite;
  • guarantee of successful treatment subject to fulfillment of all doctor’s recommendations;
  • only we have the most flexible price offers.

You can make an appointment for a FREE consultation in the Dentistry Department of Oxford Medical clinic by calling us at (044) 204-40-40 or filling in the form on our website. 


A true guarantee of quality and comfortable treatments are thousands of satisfied patients



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